3D assets

Sales On!

Black Friday is here again. Feels like it was just yesterday. As every year, it means you can grab some […]


Continuing my exploration of GPU rendering, I wanted to celebrate my modest workstation upgrade (from a one-card to a slightly […]

Emma’s Place (V-Ray)

Meet Emma’s Place, a not-too-subtle homage to Swedish blogger extraordinaire Emma Fexeus. This one was long in the making. The […]

To go

It’s done, the QuickMill Espress maker is in the warehouse. The archive contains both a V-Ray and an Octane versions, […]

Free Holes

By the end of World War II, Berlin was a pile of rubble, though you’d be hard pressed to tell […]

Still Life With Honey

A few weeks ago, I was getting lost in the still-life, food-styling and Scandi corners of Pinterest and decided I […]