AI finishing

Much of the discussion about AI in the 3D community has so far focused on fears about computers eventually replacing […]

Garden Loft

I’ve been trying to move apartments, which in Berlin can be a daunting experience, as I’m sure it is in […]

Neo Deco

Quite a change of mood for this small apartment that is probably my biggest residential interior scene available to date. […]

Gothic 3D

Shortly after I uploaded my LA River 3d scene last year, I began browsing for inspiration for my next effort. […]

Los Angeles River 3D

First, credit where credit where credit’s due. It was the work of Colorsponge that gave me the idea to embark […]

Grand Palais

This one is a bit of landmark, not just literally but also because it was probably the longest it’s taken […]


It seems an eternity since I last updated this page. But it’s not for lack of material. These past few […]