We’re on!

As of now–a little earlier than planned–and up to midnight CET on Monday, you can get your hands on a broad selection of my scenes and assets at a 30% discount.

As always, I’ve sought to strike a balance between full scenes and smaller individual models. The focus is on the most recent products, including some, like the Swedish Flat, that have never been discounted before.

Remember, I only do sales once a year. If you miss this one, this is it.

The links are below, but please read the two warnings before you go ahead

WARNING1: Turbosquid servers may take a little while to update, so before you buy, make sure the price is the discounted price. If not, refresh or check back a little later.

WARNING2: This sounds silly but I’m going to say it anyway as it’s been an issue in the past: These are 3D models, not actual pieces or furniture or property. If you buy a Swedish flat for $99, you won’t be able to live in it and you won’t receive it in the post.

With this out of the way, here are the links:



Swedish flat (V-Ray / Corona) $99 instead of $149

70m2 apartment (Corona) $99 instead of $149

Scandinavian Interior (V-Ray) $99 instead of $149

Photoreal Still Life Scene (V-Ray / Corona / Octane) $66 instead of $99

Futuristic Modern Atrium (Corona): $66 instead of $99

Industrial Loft (Corona) $99 instead of $149

Parisian Interior (V-Ray) $66 instead of $99




Bread & Pastry Collection 1 (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Bread & Pastry Collection 2 (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Bread & Pastry Collection 3 (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Chocolate & Sweets Collection (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Fruit & Vegetable Collection (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Cheese & Accessories collection (V-Ray / Octane) $39 instead of $59

Kitchen Collection 3 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39




QuickMill Espresso Machine (V-Ray / Octane) $33 instead of $49

Rocket Espresso Machine (V-Ray / Corona) $26 instead of $39

Venetian Mirror (V-Ray / Octane) $26 instead of $39

FK6270 Armchair and plaid (V-Ray / Octane) $26 instead of $39

Oscar Armchair (V-Ray / Octane) $26 instead of $39

Spanish Chair (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Hunting Chair (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Decorative twigs & bottle (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Wood Kitchen (V-Ray / Corona) $33 instead of $49

Vintage Les Arcs Chair (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Photographic Lighting Equipment (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Vietnamese Pho Soup (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39




Scanned Tree 1 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Scanned Tree 2 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Scanned Tree 3 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Scanned Tree 4 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39