I’ve been looking into Nuke, Fusion and Resolve lately as part of my continuous effort to diversify away from Adobe […]

The Fabric of Reality

Christmas came early this year in the shape of a small truckload of high-end furnishing fabric samples and swatches, ranging […]

The Lazy Modeler’s Toolbox

A few weeks ago, I began posting unedited modeling and scene-building time-lapse videos (the series is called The Apartment and […]

Sales On!

Black Friday is here again. Feels like it was just yesterday. As every year, it means you can grab some […]


Continuing my exploration of GPU rendering, I wanted to celebrate my modest workstation upgrade (from a one-card to a slightly […]

Stormy Garden

No, notwithstanding the headline, this won’t be a post about US politics. Rather, this is just a quick update on […]

Psycho to go

Et voil√†, in time to celebrate the release of V-Ray Next, Psycho is now up for sale here. It is […]