My Pastry Shop

Remember my high-carb iPhone wallpapers? Now you can do your own. The full set of 3D-scanned, realistically shaded models is […]

Lux in Tenebris

Etienne-Louis Boullée was arguably the most influential French architect of the revolutionary era, yet little of his work was ever […]

Wallpaper Idea

(EDIT: Having fun with this so added a few high-sugar wallpapers at the end) After I switched phones recently, my […]

Milk & Sugar

After some weeks spent playing with monumental things (more on this later), I felt like a change of scale. This […]


By now, I’ve spent almost two thirds of my life away from the place where I was born. But when […]

Shake that tree

It took a while but I’ve now got round to putting up my animated olive trees in the warehouse. Check […]


I’ve been looking into Nuke, Fusion and Resolve lately as part of my continuous effort to diversify away from Adobe […]