Oscar Armchair

I finally got around to modeling this wonderfully elegant chair by Sergio Rodrigues. Instead of using a texture as in other assets, I decided to model the caning, and I’m glad I did as it really adds a new level of realism.

The model can be found here (for V-Ray and Octane and Max 2013+).

The renders here were done in Octane, which is great for rapid prototyping of shaders and simple scenes. The brick wall is one of the latest additions in textures.com’s repository of scanned material. They’re amazing!

Oscar Armchair

Oscar Armchair

Oscar Armchair

Oscar Armchair

    • monoviz
    • January 25, 2017

    Hello! For these kind of 3d scanned textures, do you only use displacement map?

    I mean aroudn 180 white, and displacement, or do you also use roughness, normal map or even albedo maps?

    Thanks man, this is a really nice build wood texture and a clean modeling.

    • souzagiovanne
    • February 1, 2017

    Nice model, as usual! I really like your interior scenes! It would be interesting to see a making off, of modeling these chairs, ways to optimize the model, texturing… Regards!

  1. @souzagiovanne Thanks! I’ve recorded a time-lapse of the modeling of a recent Venetian mirror I’ve made. I’ll be uploading this one soon.

    • joaopedrosilva
    • February 6, 2017

    Unbelievable.. Did you model the canning “by hand” or use some sort of parametric plugin like railclone?

  2. Hi. That was modeled by hand. Not a quick job!

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