It seems an eternity since I last updated this page. But it’s not for lack of material. These past few months, I’ve been exploring darker shores, inspired by a collision of different experiences, including but not limited to visiting a Böcklin exhibition (before Covid shut everything down), perusing the work of Ferdinand Keller, and watching Come True too many times earlier this year, which was a big revelation.

I’ve come up with a few still, including “Keller’s Grave”, which tops this post. I’ve also delved further into animation, which resulted into related pieces I’m refering to as NTMRS.

The first one is the short sequence below, which borrows a fair bit from pre-War German expressionist cinema.

Then came a more surrealistic sequence of four looping animations. A lot of the fun (so to speak) here was to compose a looping soundtrack that would fit the piece and catch the same vibe.

Technically, these were pretty simple, involving 3ds Max, V-Ray and TyFlow for most of the animated elements, as well as a tiny bit of Phoenix FD. The tracks were scored in FL-Studio.

I’m not wedded to dark arts forever but it’s something I’d like to explore more. I’ve been making some scans in Berlin lately (using my poor man’s photogrammetry setup) that could fit into future pieces. Some rough examples below. As always, very happy to hear your thoughts.