UPDATE: note that there were some bugs in the scene as originally uploaded (including missing hair&fur modifier on the chair). I’ve now uploaded what should, hopefully, be a fully working version. If you bought the scene, you should be able to download the new version for free. The latest archive is called If you don’t have this one, make sure you download it again. And apologies for the inconvenience.

I’ve long wanted to upload a fully furnished, fully staged interior scene to the warehouse. I have a few environments there already, including this one, this one, and this one. But these are virtually empty scenes, to be furnished and populated.

The idea here was to provide a finished scene. The point of this lies not so much in the environment itself, which is quite confined, but in the numerous assets, the complex materials, the staging, lighting and the camera set-up.

The Scandinavian feel and north-meets-south (or Malmö-meets-Maghreb) theme was heavily inspired by the fantastic work of photographer and stylist Paulina Arcklin for Zoco Home.

You can find the scene in the Warehouse here.

The main vitals are as follows:

– Lighting set-up with one dome light and a few interior lights (softbox, spherelight, IES for the kitchen), producing a naturalistic balance between slightly overexposed yet not burnt-out exterior and well-lit interior.

– Brute force/Light cache renders at 2K (downsampled to 1200 pixels here) with render time varying between 2.5 and 6 hours depending on the frame.

– In-camera DOF.

– Many materials are multilayered.

– Hand-modeled parquet for naturalistic worn look.

– 541MB of high-res textures (165 textures in total).

– Self-made HDRI is included but you will get better results by using one of Peter Guthrie’s skies in the DomeLight.

– Geometry exterior for maximum realism regardless of the camera angle.

– 8 cameras set up with correct DOF (custom bokeh) and exposure values. Cameras are locked to prevent accidentally moving them.

– Complex hair&fur system with V-Ray Hair Material.

– Includes many objects available separately. For example:
Chester One Sofa worth $59
Eames DSW side chair (662092) worth $39
Photographic lights (831456) worth $39
Photorealistic Facade (589760) worth $45
Photorealistic Facade2 (589757) worth $45

…and many exclusive models. For example:
– Full kitchen
– Industrial dining and coffee tables
– Vintage wood stool
– Vintage oriental pouf
– Vintage sideboard
– Three copper oriental trays
– Wood tray stand
– Oriental lantern
– Caravaggio pendant lamp
– 20 different B&W cement tiles.
– Many accessories (plates, cutting boards, pepper mill, water bottle, cooking pan, bowls, mug, vases, candles, book, newspaper, decorative objects…)

Here are some post-produced final renders (keep scrolling for raw and wire renders):








And here are two raw renders for comparison:



…and some wires: