Finally some action in the Warehouse.

Following a few requests, I’ve uploaded the Karin Easy Chair by Bruno Mathsson for DUX. Note that it doesn’t feature the microfibers seen in the Monochrome scene. For that, you’ll need your own scattering solution. I tried to collapse the fibers to polys but my model shot up to 20 million polys or so. Nope…

You’ll find the model here.

Next is this trio of nicely pollarded (or pruned) London Planes, straight out of the world of Amélie Poulain. So if you’re working on a French village square scene, you’ll want to grab those. They feature scanned trunks, nicely retopoed and with normal-map baked details, and scanned leaf textures. Trunks are at 4K and the leaves slightly under 2K.