One of the most frequent questions I get in emails is for recommendations about courses or tutorials on V-Ray and, in particular, shading and material creations.

I don’t follow tutorials that often these days and time to stroll through forums is getting scarce. But if there is one course I would recommend right now, it is Grant Warwick’s mastering V-Ray series. I bought a subscription after seeing the endorsement by Peter Guthrie (in one of the courses, Grant optimises a tough scene by Peter and gets it to render 25 per cent faster).

If you’ve mastered the basics of V-Ray, are interested in photorealism, and are struggling to take it to the next level, I would highly recommend you take a look at the series (in addition to keeping an eye on the BBB3 blog, of course). Unlike many similar offerings around, it is densely packed, fast-paced, fluent, clear and clever.

(NOTE: It goes without saying that this is an independent post. I got no discount for posting this and have no commercial relationship with Grant. I’m just a regular paying subscriber of his and enjoying the course a lot.)