Kitchen fodder

CG Rosemary

I’ve been fooling around with GrowFX and V-Ray’s new denoiser, which is the best thing ever, and came up with these handy planted herbs for your kitchen viz needs. These can sustain some serious close-up scrutiny, thanks to large textures and instanced leaf geo.

You can find them in The Warehouse here and here.

CG Rosemary

CG Basil

CG Basil

    • Strob
    • July 20, 2016

    Hi Bertrand! Nice plants! I like your food scans too! But I think you could sell your models for a higher price. Given your reputation and the quality of your asset I”m sure you would sell the same quantity with a higher price. I also sell a few models on Turbosquid (why do you call it the warehouse BTW?). And I sell many of a much simpler models that are priced way higher than yours. But at the same time I’m you seem pretty fast at preparing models so in the end only you know how much your time is worth.

    I also scanned some pumpkins (I picked them in the field myself with my kids) that I put on the warehouse like you say. For those I could maybe lower their price a bit 😉 My favourite is the crookneck one. Please tell me what you think of them :

    • an_thanos
    • October 11, 2016

    Hi Bertrand!
    I really really really like the scene & studio setup for these renders (especially the 1st render). Do you think this is something you can include in the store? I will be more than happy to support this decision.
    (Sorry for doing this under this post, but your contact page turns out blank).
    Regards, A.

  1. @an_thanos: Yes, I’ve thought of including a more elaborate studio setup in my assets. Will do that soon.

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