Some of you may have been wondering about the long spell of silence on this blog. One reason was some hard back-end work on the site that I’m happy to say is now over. Since 2011, this blog and its previous iterations had been hosted with a large US company (I won’t mention any name here) whose performance has sadly gone from bad to worse. I find everything to do with maintaining my website incredibly boring, so I long resisted doing anything about the situation. But by this summer, the problems–super slow servers, unplugged security holes, repeatedly broken WordPress features, frequent outages, non-existent customer support, etc.–had become so bad that ignoring them was no longer an option. So I took my courage in both hands and decided to transfer both the blog and its domains to a new provider.

After doing some research and with my two priorities being better support and faster performance, I decided to go with SiteGround. I’m very glad I did. While they’re not the cheapest host around, they are battle-tested (they’ve been operating since 2004) and their support is just incredible. They took care of the website’s transfer themselves, for free, and completed it in just a few hours, with all files, plugins and settings intact. Transferring the domains was equally easy and, incredibly, took less than a day. I opened a few tickets and used their live chat repeatedly during the transfer and they invariably responded within minutes, sometimes seconds, with super-competent advice. The boys and girls behind these terminals are genuine experts, speak flawless English, and have been a real joy to deal with. If you also operate a site and have been thinking about switching host, you could do much worse than check them out.

If you test the site, which remains reachable both at and, you should experience much faster load speed and, hopefully, things won’t get broken with the same regularity as they have in the past. If you do spot any weirdness, make sure to let me know. As for me, I can now get back to far more interesting things.