I played a lot with render settings in V-Ray to optimize calculation times when working on my Danny’s Dream short. So I thought I’d have a go at applying what I learnt to my recent series of abstract landscapes and see if I could render a few sequences. Render times didn’t exceed 5 minutes per HD frame and were often shorter.

These were inspired by Lee Griggs‘ work with Maya and XGen (which have inspired scores of artists). I used Itoo Software’s Forest Pack Pro for scattering of various primitives. For illumination, I used mostly Peter Guthrie’s HDRI skies.

Most scenes have V-Ray environment fog rendered straight into the beauty pass. There’s some post-pro DOF too and a Z-Depth-pass fog on top of everything to lighten the horizon, as well as various filters.

The sequences were put together in Adobe After Effects (the good old perpetual license version, which still works just fine) and the super-quick score in Sony Acid.

Hope you like these. Youtube and Vimeo links below.