Exposé 12

If you’re in this business, you already know about Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé series, the luxurious coffee table books that showcase […]

Paris on the Spree

So nice to see one’s personal project being used to market a real property. Here a few grabs from the […]

Maison de Papier

  Nice to see one of my images of the Maison de Verre being given such a nice showing in the […]


Now that came out of the blue – and what a nice surprise! When the Ronenbekerman newsletter landed in my inbox the […]

Exclusive crumbs

If you happen to be a Lufthansa frequent flyer, you should have received this in the post last week. In […]

Reading mat

Blogging is a fine thing, but even after all these years, nothing quite beats seeing one’s oeuvre on paper. I’ve […]