Remember my series of images of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France? Well, the good folks at Chaosgroup Laboratories have taken the scene and given it the VR treatment. If you have a Gear, an Occulus or even any phone with Google Cardboard, you can enjoy a few different renders of the BNF in full 3D, 360-degree glory.

Although I worked on the scene for so long, I was amazed at how much more visceral it is in VR. The sense of scale, depth, but also the feel of the materials is truly different and so much richer.

Check it out at the Chaosgroup Labs’ Guide-to-virtual-reality page.

Stanley Brusse has also kindly converted these to a format usable in Google Cardboard. You can even sample it on a normal pc (though a VR viewer is much better).

The BNF is here, and a great scene by Aldo Garcia showing Tadao Ando’s Church on the Water is here.

All rendered in V-Ray, of course, which now has an easy workflow for 360-degree VR images.