The Boundary Shop


If you’re in ArchViz, chances are your dream is to become Peter Guthrie for a day.

The legendary artist and his accomplice Henry Goss have launched their latest project to help you take the first step towards making this dream reality.

The Boundary Shop, a spin-off of their visualisation studio, is now online and will soon offer a large range of full 3D scenes for purchase. I’ve found such scenes to be better than tutorials as learning resources. They let you explore, dissect and inspect all the ingredients, from settings to shaders, that come together into the magic of a final image.

Right now, there’s only one scene for sale–the Carey House–but more will be added in the near future (as well as models, textures and HDR maps), so do come back and check often.

Make sure you also check out The Boundary’s blog, with lots of learning resources on building the Carey House.

    • Ciro Cardoso
    • August 19, 2015

    Great news without a doubt, but are you thinking of doing the same thing? I would love to look at some of your scenes, like the NAKAGIN capsule tower for example. Trying to use the same HDRI to create a similar mood, but the render looks so flat.

  1. Hey Ciro. My scenes have been on sale for a long time on Turbosquid.

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