Tadao Ando – Chicago House

It’s been a while since I posted anything anywhere. Work has kept personal projects at bay. But I did find the time (essentially a long weekend) to do this rather simplied version of Tadao Ando’s Chicago House.

Here are a few samples. You can find the full series of renders here.

  1. Hey. Please note that I mean it in the best possible terms when I say: F you!

    Its not only that you are that much better than I am, but that you just “whip it together over a long weekend”… that said, the images are, as always, really nice. AndI’d like to add that I thoroughly enjoy your website (I even bought some of your models over at TurboSquid). So please feel free to make me feel bad in the future as well.

    making of? 😀

  2. Amazing again. You made great artistic choices with value and color contrasts between the interior/exterior. I love how on your night shot, the interior spots reflectect against the exterior concrete. Great stuff.

  3. B you done it again!

    I commented on your work in my forum, but I must say this here too – That dusk exterior image is GOLDEN!!!

    The POV is spot on and the lighting + reflections on concrete are a joy to see in a 3d render… that double glazing too 🙂


    • BBB3VIZ
    • May 20, 2010

    Thanks a lot for the kind comments, guys. Very much appreciated.
    Michael, thanks for the kind words (and above all for sponsoring this modest venture with your purchase ;-))

  4. Great shading work and your lighting is just perfect.
    My only crits, the aberration chromatic effect is a bit too strong on the second picture but it looks real.
    One of the best rendering with Vray i ve ever seen

    • cal
    • September 29, 2010

    Hi B,
    I’ve always admired your work, since you’re using all 3D stuff, how long does it take you to render and what’s your machine config. I also want to render all in 3D, but so far my rendering time is not very encouraging. If I render something similar to your 2nd image, it takes 7-8 hrs. my machine’s a 4gigram/intel core 2 quad/windows7 using max2010/vray1.5. I’m using alot of proxys. any tips are greatly appreciated.

    • BBB3VIZ
    • September 29, 2010

    Hi Cal, thanks. I use mainly a workstation with two Xeon quads and 16Gigs of RAM. Rendering of an exterior view at about 3000 pixels wide would typically take between 4 and 12 hours, depending on complexity and settings. 4Gig is going to be limiting if you want to play with relatively large scenes. It is easily filled. My latest scenes posted here can occupy up to 12 or 14 Gigs when rendering.

  5. Hi Bertrand! I’m a new fan of your work. I’m working my way through your blog, trying to suck all the knowledge that I can. You’re too kind for sharing your experience!

    After looking for more information on this house online, I’m baffled that you had enough reference images to complete this project. Whoever lives there seems to be very secretive (as is expressed by the façade of the house), and they don’t seem to have let anyone in for photos. The only interior photo I could find was one from 1998, that I’m assuming was taken right after completion.

    So my question is… how many reference photos did you use, if any? Did you have drawings/floorplans to help you with this project?


  6. @ThomasMiller: It’s an old project so I can’t really remember. I think in this case I had to buy a book that had a lot of reference. Very often, I find that there’s actually very little info online about specific buildings but a lot of it in printed form. It’s easy to forget Google doesn’t have everything.

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