Steelwood chair and table

I just love Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s furniture. A few weeks ago, I modelled some of their outdoor seatings for Ronen Bekerman’s GH House competition. But since then, I’ve fallen in love with their Steelwood collection, also for Magis. I love the materials (steel and birch, as you’d expect from the name), and the “inside-out” feel of it.

It’s not exactly a brand new design, as it came out in 2008, but it’s only now beginning to become ubiquitous. I thought I’d do my own version of the chair and table for a vizualisation project I’m currently working on.

You can find it here, together with most of my other furniture models.

  1. beautiful models! and I like the design a lot as well

    • BBB3VIZ
    • March 22, 2010

    Thanks Peter. Glad you like it!

    • Ivo Sucur
    • March 22, 2010

    Nice elegant style, i like them too!

    • Madcoo
    • March 30, 2010

    Great models and render!

    Congrats, Bertrand!

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