Shake that tree

It took a while but I’ve now got round to putting up my animated olive trees in the warehouse. Check them out here.

The download includes two separate archives, one with the three, animated GrowFX objects, one with three static trees collapsed into three big meshes. Only the former includes the wind animation.

As always, make sure to read all the small print before purchasing.

Below a few more raw renders and a sample of the wind animation:

    • Diego
    • April 14, 2019

    Hi Bertrand, looks awesome and it’s exactly what I need that moment… I am ready to purchase the models, I have read all the small print, but I would like to ask if the files are compatible with the newest versions of Vray 3.6? I work in a normal computer and vray version, so i am confused because it’s written that the files are for GPU version and i don’t understand what’s the difference and if it still works in normal vray versions – computers… btw I am not interested in the animated version, as I want to use the models for static images! Thank you!

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