Sales On!

We’re on!

As of now–a little earlier than planned–and up to midnight CET on Monday, you can get your hands on a broad selection of my scenes and assets at a 30% discount.

As always, I’ve sought to strike a balance between full scenes and smaller individual models. The focus is on the most recent products, including some, like the Swedish Flat, that have never been discounted before.

Remember, I only do sales once a year. If you miss this one, this is it.

The links are below, but please read the two warnings before you go ahead

WARNING1: Turbosquid servers may take a little while to update, so before you buy, make sure the price is the discounted price. If not, refresh or check back a little later.

WARNING2: This sounds silly but I’m going to say it anyway as it’s been an issue in the past: These are 3D models, not actual pieces or furniture or property. If you buy a Swedish flat for $99, you won’t be able to live in it and you won’t receive it in the post.

With this out of the way, here are the links:



Swedish flat (V-Ray / Corona) $99 instead of $149

70m2 apartment (Corona) $99 instead of $149

Scandinavian Interior (V-Ray) $99 instead of $149

Photoreal Still Life Scene (V-Ray / Corona / Octane) $66 instead of $99

Futuristic Modern Atrium (Corona): $66 instead of $99

Industrial Loft (Corona) $99 instead of $149

Parisian Interior (V-Ray) $66 instead of $99




Bread & Pastry Collection 1 (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Bread & Pastry Collection 2 (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Bread & Pastry Collection 3 (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Chocolate & Sweets Collection (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Fruit & Vegetable Collection (V-Ray) $39 instead of $59

Cheese & Accessories collection (V-Ray / Octane) $39 instead of $59

Kitchen Collection 3 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39




QuickMill Espresso Machine (V-Ray / Octane) $33 instead of $49

Rocket Espresso Machine (V-Ray / Corona) $26 instead of $39

Venetian Mirror (V-Ray / Octane) $26 instead of $39

FK6270 Armchair and plaid (V-Ray / Octane) $26 instead of $39

Oscar Armchair (V-Ray / Octane) $26 instead of $39

Spanish Chair (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Hunting Chair (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Decorative twigs & bottle (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Wood Kitchen (V-Ray / Corona) $33 instead of $49

Vintage Les Arcs Chair (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Photographic Lighting Equipment (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Vietnamese Pho Soup (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39




Scanned Tree 1 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Scanned Tree 2 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Scanned Tree 3 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

Scanned Tree 4 (V-Ray) $26 instead of $39

  1. Hey @Jeff, sure. Will take a look now.

    EDIT: Bear with me on this, it turns out Turbosquid won’t let me change the price on these because it says I should upload more preview renders. Basically, it seems the requirements for posting assets changed after these were uploaded. By the way, the third facade is included (with a much better material) in a few other scenes, including the Chicago Loft and the Corona Loft. The second facade is also included in the Scandinavian Flat (Norsouth).

    • bouakkaz
    • November 25, 2017

    Swedish Flat 3D model still at 149 $

    • Marco
    • November 29, 2017

    Swedish Flat 3D model still at 149 $ ALSO for me i tried, also today when i open the link the price is $99 after i click puchase and the price become 149…

  2. Yes, the sales are now over. Sorry.

    • pj
    • February 25, 2018

    Will there still be this activity next time?

    • Elias Brown
    • September 18, 2018

    Hi Bertrand,
    Any chance of putting up another sale soon?

  3. @Elias I always do just one sale a year. For Black Friday. It won’t be much longer to wait now.

    • Elias Brown
    • November 15, 2018

    Hi Bertrand, was wondering when the sales will start this year?

    • Elias Brown
    • November 15, 2018

    Hi Bertrand, was wondering when the sales will start this year?

  4. Hey Elias. Like every year, the sales will be on starting on Black Friday (Nov. 23) until the following Monday. I‘m hoping to have a lot more item on sale this year.

  5. Hi Bertrand,

    As always, thank you for the sales event and thank you for sharing your incredible work with the CG community. I have a question, I’m playing around with F-Storm and I was wondering if you could add your test scene to the sales event, I would like to study some of the materials And lights you used.
    Thank you very much.

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