Psycho to go

Et voilà, in time to celebrate the release of V-Ray Next, Psycho is now up for sale here. It is my first full-scale scene to have been made from scratch with V-Ray GPU in mind. Use it and abuse it if you feel so inclined, but remember it was rendered on a 1080ti with 11GB of VRAM. It may not work on smaller cards. Also, it requires Itoosoft’s Forest Pack Pro to render properly (you will lack the grass and the leaves if you don’t have it and the scene will throw an ugly error message upon loading). In any case, make sure to read the full notes on the description before you click on this “purchase” button.


    • Mihalcea Bogdan
    • June 22, 2018

    Man, I am always amazed by your quad modeling skills.
    Any idea where I can find some advance quad modeling explanations, preferably books or videos?

  1. Thanks a lot. For modeling, this guy’s channel is a gold mine:

    • Jonas
    • June 22, 2018

    Hey Bertrand, how did you manage to scan the building? I guess you where not using a drone, since it might be hard, if not impossible to get permission to fly it around the premises of the charitè… How did you take piktures from a different angle than street level?

  2. @Jonas I was actually only at street level. But it was in Winter, without foliage in the way, and the location is not actually densely built, so you can step back quite a bit and gain some perspective.

    • walter leguizamon
    • July 12, 2018

    Hi, did you model all the scene or mix it with some model and photos? so great! congratulations my friend!!! From argentine! 🙂

  3. @walter Thanks man. No, I’m a masochist and I always try to model everything myself.

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