In the style of Waro Kishi

I had to build an animation-ready environment recently in the style of said architect. As usual, this was done in 3dsMax 2010 and Vray 1.5 SP4a

I had to cut a looooot of corners in order to keep render times below 10 minutes per frame in HD on a single machine.

Having done this, I thought I’d throw in a couple of recent furniture models and drive a camera through it.

No funky video editing and no soundtrack either. Just a few short sequences stuck together. The compression is not great but it’s still probably worth watching it in HD.

You can find the old bistro chair model here, and the Togo loungers here and here.


This is just a low-res preview. Go to Vimeo for the full HD version.

Interior vizualisation animation from BBB3viz on Vimeo.

Here are a few stills (the car is an Arte-3D model. The furniture is mine and most of the models can be found here):


  1. Super!!!! J’adore les gros pouffffffffs!!!!!!!!

    • Administrator
    • February 25, 2010

    Hey, merci Charlot!

  2. Nice, man! Looks great! Good to see what you’ve been up to for the past while.

    • BBB3VIZ
    • March 2, 2010

    Thanks for dropping by Tom. Nice to see you here.

    • Joris
    • March 3, 2010

    Really good work, nice lighting and texturing and animating (as usual)

    So you completely migrated to 3ds Max and Vray, instead of Blender+Vray?


    • BBB3VIZ
    • March 3, 2010

    Thanks Joris. I’m afraid I have. Though Blender remains on my desktop just in case… 😉

    • Mrbig
    • March 23, 2010

    Nice job BBB3.. as always… I like your reflective floors.. Nice.. DOF is in post or directly from Vray?

    • BBB3VIZ
    • March 23, 2010

    Thanks MrBig! The stills all have in-camera DOF. But the DOF is done in post in the animations.

    • freaky
    • April 8, 2010

    can you explain some of your technics to reduce render times to 10 mins per frame in hd resolution? quoting this statement

    ” had to cut a looooot of corners in order to keep render times below 10 minutes per frame in HD on a single machine.”

    thx in advance 🙂

  3. Je viens de decouvrir ton site, la qualite de ton travail est vraiment impressionnante.
    Je suis particulierement bluffe par la vraissemblence de tes materiaux et de tes eclairages.
    A quand des tutoriaux sur ta methodologie de travail (setup de ton worflow (linear/log), shading, lighting, postprod …)?

    • BBB3VIZ
    • April 21, 2010

    Freaky: I just meant I had to use quite low settings, both for the rendering and the materials, lower the lights’ intensity, lighten the geometry, go easy on the number of lights, no displacement, no caustics… All the little things that save render times.

    Vincent: Hi there. Thanks a lot for your message. I’m a bit snowed-under at work right now. But I’ll try to update the blog sometime soon. I’m not working on any personal project at this time, so not sure I can come up with an in-depth workflow tut, but I’ll try to see what I can find. And if you have specific questions, very happy to answer them of course.

    • Muktar
    • April 26, 2010

    hello there, ur works r absolutely breath taking I pulled my hair out when i saw the videos u posted over at vimeo. very nice…. the material on the cushion and how it absorbs some of the light (the last image on this page) is sooo super cool. how did u achieved that?

    • BBB3VIZ
    • April 26, 2010

    Thanks for the kind words, Muktar. Much appreciated. The material is a VrayBlendMat mixing a dark and a light versions of the same basic velvet material. A falloff map acts as a mask between the two. This makes the fabric look lighter when seen at a grazing angle, like velvet would.

    • Muktar
    • May 2, 2010

    Thanks for the tip. you are most kind. I will continue to watch out for your updates. keep up the good work

  4. WOW! I thought this was purely amazing!
    Loved it man! keep up the good work!

    • sibi
    • February 1, 2011


    the soft cushion is an example of the realism you can bring to has a feel of lying there for a a long time- like someone sits on bring such a feel (wrinkles etc) how much has to be modelled and rest bump map?a wire or even better a “making of” would be great.i can see that a small wrinkle has been repeated(near the bottom)still everything is natural.please share some tips.what is the chair-cushion called?

    • sibi
    • February 1, 2011

    o.k. i got the name of sofa -togo!

    • BBB3VIZ
    • February 1, 2011

    Yes, that’s a Togo couch. Regarding the wrinkles, of course it’s better if they are actual geometry as opposed to bump mapping. In this case, the base mesh was exported to ZBrush, sculpted there, decimated in order to bring its polycount down to a manageable level and re-exported to Max for rendering. If you do that make sure you preserve the UVs when decimating. I didn’t and it makes texturing the model tricky afterwards.

    • sibi
    • February 2, 2011

    hi BBB3VIZ,

    thanks for the info.

    • Nisse
    • April 28, 2011

    Hi BBB3VIZ.

    I see a lot of great work from you.
    I can find some modells on for example Turbosquid.
    But I´m more interested in your scenes, for example the last picture you show us here with the “soft” chair. Is it possible to buy empty max/vray scenes from you?

    regards Nisse

  5. Hi Nisse,
    Thanks for your message. I’ve pondered putting up large scenes for sale, but there are a few issues with this. One is the size, as it is easy to reach several gigabytes of assets one a complex scene is finished modelling and texturing. Not an easy archive to download. Secondly, I tend to use quite a lot of plugins and that’s not great if you want the scene to run across a wide range of Max installs. Thirdly, the price such a scene would have to sell for would make it quite prohibitive for most people. I’m not decided yet and if I see there is an interest in it, I might try to upload maybe an unfurnished interior.

    • Zig_Zag74
    • August 9, 2011

    Salut !
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog, et tes réalisations sont absolument superbes.
    J’ai rarement vu un tel niveau de photo-réalisme, c’est bluffant.
    Bravo, je rêverais d’avoir un tel niveau…

  6. merci beaucoup. je suis flatté.

    • shawn mitford
    • October 22, 2011

    hey bertrandb, i am an avid reader of blogs and forums and i have been following your work for over a year now, i would like to know if you studied the use at softwares in school and is it easy for a regular guy to learn it all on his own? thanks

  7. Shawn: I’m afraid I’m self-taught. I never found it easy. It was a slow process. Presumably one would learn much faster if one were to get professional training.

  8. This website is really cool. How was it made ?

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