Playing catch-up here. These are images from a scene I completed quite a while back but never got round to posting. My attempt at recreating one of these high-end Poliform/Varenna kitchen. The modeling was done in 3ds Max and the rendering in Corona.

Spanish hunting

I posted these renders of my latest models--Borge Mogensen's Hunting and Spanish chairs--on Instagram a while ago, but here they are again, to celebrate their arrival in The Warehouse. The Spanish Chair is here, and the Hunting Chair here. Hope you like these.

The poor man’s guide to photogrammetry

Since I started fooling around with Agisoft's Photoscan a few months back and began posting experiments on Instagram, people have been asking me about my workflow. I've been hesitant to post about it, let alone write a tutorial, for a simple reason: I didn't have a workflow. I've experimented with scanning outside, at home, with and without a turntable, decimating or retopo-ing models, and with various ways…

Paris on the Spree

So nice to see one's personal project being used to market a real property. Here a few grabs from the website of Haus Lademann, a super high-end conversion of an historic riverside building in Berlin's central district. I'll update with photos of the site when the posters go up. More details here. Of course, this scene (minus the furniture) remains available here.

Trees for the forest

You know I've developed something of an obsession with Agisoft's Photoscan--an incredibly addicted piece of software. My latest experiment was to see whether I could combine GrowFX and Photoscan to create trees with scanned trunk. Well, it's not easy, but you can. The seams are not perfect but it kind of works. And if you thought your GrowFX trees were high-poly before, think again. I've put…

Yale Center for British Art

This one has been a long time coming. I've always been fascinated by Louis Kahn and eager to do one of his buildings in 3D. But so have many CG artists, starting with the legendary Alex Roman, and it's been a struggle to find a motive that wasn't already overused. Recently, however, I read about the renovation of Kahn's Yale Center for British Art, his last building,…

Kitchen fodder

I've been fooling around with GrowFX and V-Ray's new denoiser, which is the best thing ever, and came up with these handy planted herbs for your kitchen viz needs. These can sustain some serious close-up scrutiny, thanks to large textures and instanced leaf geo. You can find them in The Warehouse here and here.

Of the people

Here's another project that I'm just going to call finished even though it isn't. This is my interpretation of the Volksbühne, a theatre and yet another Berlin landmark. Although the architecture has a definite authoritarian feel, the building was actually built in 1913-14 to host cheap theater plays for the working masses. It was extensively redesigned after the War following its partial destruction and retains its popular,…