Since I’m in a mischievous mood, I’m going to add to the whole Black Friday madness this year and see if I can tempt you with a great, time-limited deal on my four most popular assets in the Warehouse. Starting now and ending Sunday, 29 November at midnight (Central European Time), you’ll be able to grab the following scenes from the warehouse at a 30% discount: Haussmann Paris Interior: $66…


What happened when some experiments about creating condensation on glass collided with a melancholy disposition. Below some procedural material tests too. All done in 3ds Max + V-Ray.


Just a quick post to show the result of a recent experiment with Octane and some models scanned with Agisoft Photoscan. There’s a short video too, linked below. You can find the cheese models here.


You may or may not have noticed a new social button at the bottom of my home page. So yes, I now have an Instagram feed, which I’ll use to post quick news, WIP images, and all other kinds of stuff that don’t really make the cut for a blog post. It’s still a bit bare right now, but it’s here, if you want to check…


After some heavy-duty exterior work with the Nakagin Capsule Tower, it’s back to basics with this subdued Scandinavian-looking interior. This scene featuring a small apartment (about 70 square meters, as you may have guessed) was modeled in 3ds Max, as always, and rendered in Corona. Corona is perfect for this kind of work and takes care of the difficult illumination without complaints. Minimal post-work was done…

New Boundary Scene

Peter, Henry and the other talented folks at The Boundary have just released their second 3D scene for sale. Check it out here. They’re also offering a 20% discount on it (voucher code: STAITHE END) that expires on Oct. 30. So hurry up if you’re interested!


When I posted my Nakagin Capsule Tower series of images a while back, some of you asked if I could elaborate on how I created the road material. The road is a minor element of the shots, but it was also one of the trickiest. Despite the modest area of the image it occupies, it’s one of those things that can kill the realism of an image…

Maison de Papier

  Nice to see one of my images of the Maison de Verre being given such a nice showing in the latest issue of Canada’s Sharp: The Book for Men. There is no mention anywhere of it being CG, but given the few enquiries I’ve received about publishing those in recent months, I assume there must be few shots around of the real thing, which seems implausible.