Just a doodle

  I’m never very fast at trying the tools new versions of 3ds Max come loaded with. I’d meant to play with “perspective match” for some time since it was introduced in Max 2014 and never got round to it. So just as I’m beginning to delve into Max 2015, here is a little doodle … Continued

Corona corner

  I’m going to get into trouble some day if I keep doing everything Peter Guthrie tells me to do. Anyway, after he mentioned having had lots of fun with the still-in-development Corona render engine, I thought I’d have a go too (in fairness, I had been watching Juraj Talcik, Blackhaus, and the Xoio guys … Continued

La Maison de Verre

Finally a longer post after a few half-hearted attempts. Thanks to a lucky combination of circumstances, I found myself with a bit of time in the past weeks and decided to use it for a slightly larger personal project. After considering and discarding several possible subjects, I had an email exchange with Peter Guthrie who … Continued

Dark pleasures

After quite a long time preparing for the Academy Day, I felt like a short break from archviz. I also felt a little hungry. These three pieces are the outcome of these combined impulses. I delved into my food-styling inspiration folder and tried to come up with something that would evoke a cosy, warm autumn … Continued

Venice wrap-up

  My trip to Venice for State of Art Academy Day #4 seems like a long time ago now. So reading through the final report on the event CGRecord has just put up on their site rekindled many good memories. Head over there for a detailed review of my and of Peter Guthrie’s presentations. Thanks … Continued


Pikcells, a well-established visualisation company responsible for some stunning interior work – among many other things – in the past years, has asked me to spread the word on two seriously exciting new management positions for senior CG artists in the US and the UK. For more details visit┬átheir website & click through to the … Continued

Dear Facebook friends

Some time ago, my friend Joni Baboci offered to create and maintain a BBB3viz facebook page that would mirror all postings on my blog. This is just a quick reminder that I do not use Facebook myself. So although I can see some of the messages posted to it, and I do visit the page … Continued