Exposé 12

If you’re in this business, you already know about Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé series, the luxurious coffee table books that showcase the latest and greatest in digital art. Turns out two of my images have been selected to appear in Exposé 12 and nominated for an award, both in the still-life category. They are part of … Continued

Best Visualization of the Year

You may remember my Yale Center for British Art series, done with 3ds Max and Corona. Well, it’s just been picked by Ronenbekerman as the best visualization of 2016! Knowing how many great artists post their work on Ronen’s site, this is certainly a fantastic feeling, and an encouragement to keep doing this. Thanks Ronen!

Paris on the Spree

So nice to see one’s personal project being used to market a real property. Here a few grabs from the website of Haus Lademann, a super high-end conversion of an historic riverside building in Berlin’s central district. I’ll update with photos of the site when the posters go up. More details here. Of course, this … Continued

Maison de Papier

  Nice to see one of my images of the Maison de Verre being given such a nice showing in the latest issue of Canada’s Sharp: The Book for Men. There is no mention anywhere of it being CG, but given the few enquiries I’ve received about publishing those in recent months, I assume there must … Continued


Now that came out of the blue – and what a nice surprise! When the Ronenbekerman newsletter landed in my inbox the other day and I quickly opened it as I usually do, I was surprised and delighted to see that Maison de Verre had been picked as the best visualization of 2013. I can just say … Continued

Exclusive crumbs

If you happen to be a Lufthansa frequent flyer, you should have received this in the post last week. In addition to a nice and beautifully illustrated piece on Peter Zumthor, this month’s issue of ‘Exclusive’, the airline’s magazine for card members, features an insightful story by Christian Tröster on the state of the rendering … Continued

Reading mat

Blogging is a fine thing, but even after all these years, nothing quite beats seeing one’s oeuvre on paper. I’ve had a few bits and pieces appear in ye old medium lately, ranging from the informative to the introspective. At the workmanlike end of the spectrum, you may want to check the workshop I produced … Continued