Gio Ponti & Free Glazed Bricks

Just a little render of the famous armchair by Gio Ponti (though I took some liberties with the fabric). The good thing about this is that I’m giving away the 2K version of the hand-made glazed brick texture you can see in this image. These are tileable diffuse, spec, normal, glossy and displacement maps that …


Bauhaus Archiv

After some fooling around with abstract, parametric and generative toys, here is a rather more conventional archviz project, the latest in a series of reconstruction of existing architecture–this time the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin. Originally intended for Darmstadt, the building was replanned and built in 1976-79 by Alex Cvijanovic and Hans Bandel based on an …


Crystal Experiments

I will be back with some traditional archviz (after the Kongresshalle and the Neue Nationalgalerie, time for another Berlin project). But in the meantime, here are more frivolous experiments with some of the plugins that make 3ds Max a joy to work with. This time I played with Aaron Dabelow’s amazing DebrisMaker script. Germ crystals …


The Secret

Well, there is nothing very secret about The Secret. I just saw these great experiments by Peter Guthrie and thought I would have a go at it. Technically, the focus of the images is the water, which was done using a PhoenixFD Ocean texture (you can get it by installing the PhoenixFD demo) and inputing …



A few days ago, Ronen Bekerman posted some strangely hypnotic images by artist Lee Griggs. As Lee explains on his blog, these were modeled in Maya and rendered in Arnold. Lee used XGen, a technology license by Autodesk from Disney that allows the distribution and manipulation of large numbers of geometry primitives on a surface. I was …


Chair teasing

Just a quick glimpse of one in a series of new assets currently in the making. Trying to perfect the shaders here. I might post some tips on those a little further down the road. Can you guess the model and designer?