The Bridge at Rakotz

An attempt at creating a naturalistic mood. The scene depicts an existing place in eastern Germany and was inspired by the photography of Kilian Schönberger. Modeling in 3ds Max 2015; rendering in V-Ray; Max plugins used: Forest Pack Pro, GrowFX, Debris-Maker. Post-production in RandomControl’s ArionFX (best glow ever from .exr) and Nik Color Efex Pro. The scene …


Danny’s Dream

After watching Room 237, a documentary about the wild conspiracy theories that have sprung around the late Stanley Kubrick’s 1979 cult movie The Shining, I began to develop an interest in the film’s elaborate stage design, marveling at the amount of work Kubrick and his crew put into creating an obsessively detailed rendition of the Overlook Hotel …


A different kind of vintage

I’ve been working on a little side-project in the past few months, which I should be able to release in the coming weeks. This is just a teaser. But probably enough to tell you what it will be about. Check back soon.


Corona Kitchen

I’ve been wanting to return to Corona for a while but couldn’t find the time. Then I saw some marketing shots by Cesar for its Kalea line of kitchens that I thought fitted the renderer perfectly due to the somewhat complicated “chiaroscuro” lighting scenario. These images have been finished for quite some time but I’m only getting …



  UPDATE: note that there were some bugs in the scene as originally uploaded (including missing hair&fur modifier on the chair). I’ve now uploaded what should, hopefully, be a fully working version. If you bought the scene, you should be able to download the new version for free. The latest archive is called Norsouth3.zip. If you don’t …


Gio Ponti & Free Glazed Bricks

Just a little render of the famous armchair by Gio Ponti (though I took some liberties with the fabric). The good thing about this is that I’m giving away the 2K version of the hand-made glazed brick texture you can see in this image. These are tileable diffuse, spec, normal, glossy and displacement maps that …