Still/moving Life (with Cheese)

Just a quick post to show the result of a recent experiment with Octane and some models scanned with Agisoft Photoscan. There’s a short video too, linked below. You can find the cheese models here.  


After some heavy-duty exterior work with the Nakagin Capsule Tower, it’s back to basics with this subdued Scandinavian-looking interior. This scene featuring a small apartment (about 70 square meters, as you may have guessed) was modeled in 3ds Max, as always, and rendered in Corona. Corona is perfect for this kind of work and takes … Continued

Maison de papier

  Nice to see one of my images of the Maison de Verre being given such a nice showing in the latest issue of Canada’s Sharp: The Book for Men. There is no mention anywhere of it being CG, but given the few enquiries I’ve received about publishing those in recent months, I assume there must … Continued

Nakagin Capsule Tower

Long time no see. Here’s one I’ve been working on for over three months, very much on-and-off depending on the day job. I call it finished though it could use more details in places (and has some superfluous details that are hardly visible). This is my rendition of the 1972 Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo by … Continued

Warm Corona Greys

Having more and more fun with Corona, and after uploading a good selection of full V-Ray scenes to the Warehouse, I thought it was time to offer an exclusive Corona interior. Corona Loft (for lack of a more imaginative title) is now uploaded and ready to download. It’s a full, high-quality, ready-to-render industrial loft scene. Use … Continued

Griggscape Motion

I played a lot with render settings in V-Ray to optimize calculation times when working on my Danny’s Dream short. So I thought I’d have a go at applying what I learnt to my recent series of abstract landscapes and see if I could render a few sequences. Render times didn’t exceed 5 minutes per HD … Continued