Lost Signal

How I cried over this one… I’d modeled the 1965 Brionvega TS-502 portable radio once before. I was pretty happy with it, but it was done in Nurbs and ended up an unsightly mess of elongated triangles and ngons once tesselated, which made it hard to use as a visualization asset. So I returned to … Continued

To go

It’s done, the QuickMill Espress maker is in the warehouse. The archive contains both a V-Ray and an Octane versions, and they will both open in Max 2013 and higher. Get it here. More info about the model here. All renders here without post-production.      

Still Life With Honey

A few weeks ago, I was getting lost in the still-life, food-styling and Scandi corners of Pinterest and decided I would try to emulate the look of one of these dark, moody still lives (check out Kate S Jordan to get the rough idea). I started with something quite minimalistic and, as too often, got … Continued

Exposé 12

If you’re in this business, you already know about Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé series, the luxurious coffee table books that showcase the latest and greatest in digital art. Turns out two of my images have been selected to appear in Exposé 12 and nominated for an award, both in the still-life category. They are part of … Continued

To Rent or not To Rent

Today, I got an email from the company announcing massive price rises for the renewal of 3ds Max permanent license maintenance plans and steep discounts if I agreed to move to subscription (also known as the rental model). This sparked a bit of a discussion on the Autodesk forum. I wrote a comment there, which … Continued

Best Visualization of the Year

You may remember my Yale Center for British Art series, done with 3ds Max and Corona. Well, it’s just been picked by Ronenbekerman as the best visualization of 2016! Knowing how many great artists post their work on Ronen’s site, this is certainly a fantastic feeling, and an encouragement to keep doing this. Thanks Ronen!


After opening this year’s Black Friday BBB3viz sales (my only sales of the year), I’ve had a couple of requests to extend it until the end of the month. Hence the sales will not end on Monday at midnight, as originally announced, but run through this weekend, ending on Sunday, Dec. 4th, at midnight (central … Continued