A New Year

A great 2016 to all. Many happy renders. New Year, New Hope from BBB3viz on Vimeo.

Being there

Remember my series of images of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France? Well, the good folks at Chaosgroup Laboratories have taken the scene and given it the VR treatment. If you have a Gear, an Occulus or even any phone with Google Cardboard, you can enjoy a few different renders of the BNF in full 3D, 360-degree … Continued


There’s been a bunch of fresh arrivals in the Warehouse, mostly recent pieces done for my latest Corona interior. These include some scanned models (see above). The full list is as follows: Cheese board with knives and walnuts. Round vintage wood stool. Rectangular vintage wood stool. Pumpkins. Round vintage wood stool 2. Rocket espresso machine. … Continued


Since I’m in a mischievous mood, I’m going to add to the whole Black Friday madness this year and see if I can tempt you with a great, time-limited deal on my four most popular assets in the Warehouse. Starting now and ending Sunday, 29 November at midnight (Central European Time), you’ll be able to grab the following … Continued


Just a quick post to show the result of a recent experiment with Octane and some models scanned with Agisoft Photoscan. There’s a short video too, linked below. You can find the cheese models here.


You may or may not have noticed a new social button at the bottom of my home page. So yes, I now have an Instagram feed, which I’ll use to post quick news, WIP images, and all other kinds of stuff that don’t really make the cut for a blog post. It’s still a bit … Continued


After some heavy-duty exterior work with the Nakagin Capsule Tower, it’s back to basics with this subdued Scandinavian-looking interior. This scene featuring a small apartment (about 70 square meters, as you may have guessed) was modeled in 3ds Max, as always, and rendered in Corona. Corona is perfect for this kind of work and takes … Continued