The Fabric of Reality

Christmas came early this year in the shape of a small truckload of high-end furnishing fabric samples and swatches, ranging from 2mx2m to 20cmx20cm. So of course, I’ve been busy scanning away and will be doing so for some time to come. I’ve been using Dabarti Capture to generate hyper-detailed normal maps (no displacement map … Continued


Continuing my exploration of GPU rendering, I wanted to celebrate my modest workstation upgrade (from a one-card to a slightly less slow two-card system) with the release of a new scene, this time an interior, which is always a little more challenging in terms of render speed and optimization. You can find the scene in … Continued

Luxembourg’s Garden

A few weeks ago, I started modeling Fermob’s Luxembourg line of outdoor furniture–itself a sensitive revamping of the original furniture of the Senate’s gardens in Paris. I wanted to showcase them in an outdoor setting, and that little project kind of took on a life of its own. I had fun experimenting with various techniques … Continued


I’ve been trying to raise my photogrammetry game in the past few weeks. This is what came out of it. I decided to tackle some problem areas: Very dark (avocado), shiny (avocado, pomegranate), or very smooth (mango) assets, and objects with fine displacement that I’d been struggling to capture (melon). What helped: Better lighting (cross-polarized, … Continued

Quick Scandi Look

I’ve always been reluctant to make a post-production tutorial for a few reasons. First, I never felt I had the competence. My domain is CG, and retouching is a full-time job. I don’t know my way around Photoshop or Affinity nearly as well as I do around 3ds Max. Second, it’s been a long time … Continued

Free Holes

By the end of World War II, Berlin was a pile of rubble, though you’d be hard pressed to tell these days given the extensive rebuilding work of the past 70 years. Still, if you pay attention, the scars can still be found. Shrapnel impact and bullet holes are everywhere: On bridge piles, bunker walls, and even the … Continued

Still Life With Honey

A few weeks ago, I was getting lost in the still-life, food-styling and Scandi corners of Pinterest and decided I would try to emulate the look of one of these dark, moody still lives (check out Kate S Jordan to get the rough idea). I started with something quite minimalistic and, as too often, got … Continued