A Faster Render

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After I posted my Danny’s Dream short a few weeks ago, a few people wrote to ask about the V-Ray settings I’d used to render the sequences in about 5 minutes per frame. Instead of answering individually, I thought I’d post and discuss my settings here. A few general comments to start with: First of all, … Continued

PG goes big!

  There’s some seriously illuminating news on the horizon. First of all, Archviz legend Peter Guthrie has updated his HDRI sky shop, the go-to place for serious HDR skies, which is now located here. So if you haven’t yet, make sure you update your bookmark. The shop is now incidentally called PG Skies, so I can … Continued

The photographic look

CG artists in advertising, VFX, the game industry, and visualization often seem to pursue contradictory goals. While some use computers to conjure up the impossible, others go to great lengths to replicate the world. Yet they do have something in common: More often than not they strive to make their art, however fantastical, look real, … Continued


  UPDATE: note that there were some bugs in the scene as originally uploaded (including missing hair&fur modifier on the chair). I’ve now uploaded what should, hopefully, be a fully working version. If you bought the scene, you should be able to download the new version for free. The latest archive is called Norsouth3.zip. If you don’t … Continued

Gio Ponti & Free Glazed Bricks

Just a little render of the famous armchair by Gio Ponti (though I took some liberties with the fabric). The good thing about this is that I’m giving away the 2K version of the hand-made glazed brick texture you can see in this image. These are tileable diffuse, spec, normal, glossy and displacement maps that … Continued

Unwrap help!

As suggested in the headline, I have a problem and I need some help. I’ve been all set to migrate from Max 2014 to 2015 and am actually keen to try some of the (now not too) new tools and take advantage of the viewport improvements. In fact, I would have migrated months ago if it … Continued

Crystal Experiments

I will be back with some traditional archviz (after the Kongresshalle and the Neue Nationalgalerie, time for another Berlin project). But in the meantime, here are more frivolous experiments with some of the plugins that make 3ds Max a joy to work with. This time I played with Aaron Dabelow’s amazing DebrisMaker script. Germ crystals … Continued