Sales On!

We’re on! As of now–a little earlier than planned–and up to midnight CET on Monday, you can get your hands on a broad selection of my scenes and assets at a 30% discount. As always, I’ve sought to strike a balance between full scenes and smaller individual models. The focus is on the most recent … Continued

Coming Soon

Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the last BBB3viz Black Friday sales. The old-timers among you know that Black Friday is the one and only BBB3viz Warehouse sales ever–the only chance there is to pick some of my Turbosquid assets at a hefty 30% discount. This year, the sales will kick off on … Continued

Westkaai via FStorm

Recently, I was given the chance to try out FStorm, a GPU-only renderer being developed by Andrey Kozlov. I’d been intrigued by FStorm since seeing the work of Johannes Lindqvist and Daniel Reuterswärd, two of my favorite Archviz artists, who use it as their main renderer. After a few weeks of experimenting, I wanted to report … Continued


Anyone who’s spent some time browsing through my posts knows I have a bit of an obsession with modernist architecture. This is another one of these rather futile attempts at re-creating existing modernist masterpieces–this time Marcel Breuer’s Hooper House II, a private US commission the exiled German Hungarian architect started in 1957 and completed in 1959 … Continued

Still Life With Honey

A few weeks ago, I was getting lost in the still-life, food-styling and Scandi corners of Pinterest and decided I would try to emulate the look of one of these dark, moody still lives (check out Kate S Jordan to get the rough idea). I started with something quite minimalistic and, as too often, got … Continued


I finally got around to modeling this wonderfully elegant chair by Sergio Rodrigues. Instead of using a texture as in other assets, I decided to model the caning, and I’m glad I did as it really adds a new level of realism. The model can be found here (for V-Ray and Octane and Max 2013+). … Continued

Of the Future

This may look like a set from Star Trek, but it is actually inspired by an existing building in Berlin (the city’s chamber of commerce), though with considerable liberties taken. As a footnote, for film and art buffs, the original building was actually used recently as a film set for Manifesto, an hypnotic video installation by artist … Continued