UPDATE: note that there were some bugs in the scene as originally uploaded (including missing hair&fur modifier on the chair). I’ve now uploaded what should, hopefully, be a fully working version. If you bought the scene, you should be able to download the new version for free. The latest archive is called If you don’t … Continued

Norsouth Teaser

Long time no see. But there’s something big coming to the warehouse. More on this here very soon.

Flag Halyard Recast

TS alerted me the other day to some problems with my Flag Halyard model. It seems the file was throwing some error messages in Max when loading. So I decided to clean up the scene file and that’s when I came across a few other things that could be fixed. I’ve now updated the model with … Continued

Gio & Charlotte indawarehouse

Just a quick line to say the Gio Ponti armchair and Charlotte Perriand’s Les Arcs chair have now landed in the warehouse. Find them here and here. As always, the archives come with a bonus HDRI and the studio setup.

Gio Ponti & Free Glazed Bricks

Just a little render of the famous armchair by Gio Ponti (though I took some liberties with the fabric). The good thing about this is that I’m giving away the 2K version of the hand-made glazed brick texture you can see in this image. These are tileable diffuse, spec, normal, glossy and displacement maps that … Continued

Chair teasing

Just a quick glimpse of one in a series of new assets currently in the making. Trying to perfect the shaders here. I might post some tips on those a little further down the road. Can you guess the model and designer?

High-Carb CG – and big warehouse update!

I’ve spent quite a bit of my spare time in the past few weeks prepping a second series of ready-to-render bread assets. And since I had been experimenting with Grant Warwick‘s latest material session (edible stuff), I decided to add the chocolate, strawberry pie and caramel in one big, calorie-laden image. The technique for the … Continued