BBB3 going all bloggy

Yes, this is just another 3D vizualisation blog. Exactly.

Over recent months, I found that my old website was getting more and more of a pain to update and, as a result, I stopped updating it. So instead of an ancient, out-of-date (and rather ugly) website, what you get now is this bare-bone blog, which I figure will be easier to keep fresh and lively.

As it says in the banner, I’ll be posting my stuff – whatever it is – and may even try to impart a tip or two on the way. I’ll also regularly post links to goodies some of you may find useful.

And of course, any feedback will be much appreciated.

  1. Congratulations!!! I will keep visiting this blog of yours on a regular basis – you can count on that…

    Looking forward for more!

    • Administrator
    • February 25, 2010

    Thanks Ronen. And I’ll keep visiting yours as one of my prime sources of inspiration!

    • Vuk Djordjevic
    • March 1, 2010

    Can’t wait to see what you will share with us, ur a master of 3d and an inspiration to me as a student of architecture! *your bookmarked:)

    • BBB3VIZ
    • March 1, 2010

    Hey thanks a lot Vuk. Nice to have you here.

    • Agi Makar
    • April 11, 2010

    Hello Bertrand, your works are amazing, the best scenes iwhat i have ever seen..:) bravo. I’m beginner in the blender, and i would like to use vray.i have windows 7, 64 bites. can u recommended, which vray can i buy for blender? i didnt find for blender, just for maya, max etc.

    • BBB3VIZ
    • April 11, 2010

    As far as I know, Vray Standalone, which you need for Blender, is only available in the Vray for Maya app. So that’s the one you should buy and it should work fine in Blender.

    • Agi Makar
    • April 12, 2010

    Dear Bertrand, thanks for your reply!! 🙂

  2. Saying this is just another 3D vizualization blog is like saying Michael Jordan is just another basketball player…

  3. I hope i can learn more from you, you are the best arch 3d vis master thease days….keep it up

  4. Thanks a million, Dravis.

  5. have u ever thought about doing a 3d workshop. i would pay good money for one on one tutorials and video tutorials.

  6. Hi BBBVIZ I have Heard About You A lot and decided to follow you on ur blog. I hope it will be informative.

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