American Radiator

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the architectural renderings of Hugh Ferriss, but I’d never thought of playing with the style in CG, perhaps because of my slightly obsessive focus on realism and the photographic style. After a recent trip to New York where I gorged on Art Deco, I thought … Continued

My Pastry Shop

Remember my high-carb iPhone wallpapers? Now you can do your own. The full set of 3D-scanned, realistically shaded models is now up for sale in the warehouse. Here’s the gist: * 23 different models * 3ds Max and V-Ray Next GPU (will work in CPU) * 4K textures (in most cases Diffuse, Normal, handpainted Glossiness) … Continued

Lux in Tenebris

Etienne-Louis BoullĂ©e was arguably the most influential French architect of the revolutionary era, yet little of his work was ever built. He made his mark as a theoretician and teacher, defining a stark, geometrical and monumental interpretation of neo-classicism. Despite achieving recognition in his lifetime, he was largely forgotten after his death, only to be … Continued

Wallpaper Idea

(EDIT: Having fun with this so added a few high-sugar wallpapers at the end) After I switched phones recently, my favorite home-made wallpaper no longer fitted the taller screen. So I went ahead and rendered a new version, iPhone X-friendly, notch-conscious, and retina-ready. Like it? Grab it here:

Milk & Sugar

After some weeks spent playing with monumental things (more on this later), I felt like a change of scale. This doodle started with an exercise in improving my glass shaders and models and, as these things do, gradually morphed into a little scene using a mix of new and existing assets, some of which you … Continued

Shake that tree

It took a while but I’ve now got round to putting up my animated olive trees in the warehouse. Check them out here. The download includes two separate archives, one with the three, animated GrowFX objects, one with three static trees collapsed into three big meshes. Only the former includes the wind animation. As always, … Continued