Shake that tree

It took a while but I’ve now got round to putting up my animated olive trees in the warehouse. Check them out here. The download includes two separate archives, one with the three, animated GrowFX objects, one with three static trees collapsed into three big meshes. Only the former includes the wind animation. As always, … Continued


I’ve been looking into Nuke, Fusion and Resolve lately as part of my continuous effort to diversify away from Adobe products. This was done as part of a simple compositing and editing exercise. Which is why it’s so rough. The scans are basic iPhone scans done with Heges and brought into Max with virtually no … Continued

The Fabric of Reality

Christmas came early this year in the shape of a small truckload of high-end furnishing fabric samples and swatches, ranging from 2mx2m to 20cmx20cm. So of course, I’ve been busy scanning away and will be doing so for some time to come. I’ve been using Dabarti Capture to generate hyper-detailed normal maps (no displacement map … Continued

The Lazy Modeler’s Toolbox

A few weeks ago, I began posting unedited modeling and scene-building time-lapse videos (the series is called The Apartment and I’ll be uploading more installments as I get down to editing the captures) documenting the construction of my Classical scene. As the comments about the videos started rolling in, several people began asking whether I … Continued

Sales On!

Black Friday is here again. Feels like it was just yesterday. As every year, it means you can grab some of my assets at 30% off starting this Friday (Nov. 23) and ending on Monday (Nov. 26) at midnight Central European Time. But it gets better: In the past, I’ve only applied discounts to a … Continued


Continuing my exploration of GPU rendering, I wanted to celebrate my modest workstation upgrade (from a one-card to a slightly less slow two-card system) with the release of a new scene, this time an interior, which is always a little more challenging in terms of render speed and optimization. You can find the scene in … Continued