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I’m never very fast at trying the tools new versions of 3ds Max come loaded with. I’d meant to play with “perspective match” for some time since it was introduced in Max 2014 and never got round to it. So just as I’m beginning to delve into Max 2015, here is a little doodle done with a random model and a backplate and matching HDRI I took a few years back. Nothing spectacular but it was surprisingly easy to set up, even though I feel there’s probably a bit of a scale problem here.

In order to get the reflections on the car to match the environment and to get more accurate shadows, I also used the camera to project the backplate onto a simple matte object shaped to roughly match the building. The HDRI basically takes care of the rest.

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  1. alexdecret says:

    Hi Bertrand. Huge fan and had a quick question. On the perspective match process how do you convert the standard free camera to vray cam. Been using à script but somehow it is not giving me good results i.e vanishing points shift etc… Thanks a lot

  2. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Valwizard. I used camera projection to texture a low-res version of the environment. However, it is a matte object and invisible to the camera. Its sole function is to provide correct shadows and reflections on the car. What you see on the image is just the backplate.

  3. valwizard says:

    Stunning as always. I am just curious have you used camera projection? Is anyone using it at all or there is a formula backplate+Hdri+object for all similar projects.

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