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Corona Tests

I’m going to get into trouble some day if I keep doing everything Peter Guthrie tells me to do.

Anyway, after he mentioned having had lots of fun with the still-in-development Corona render engine, I thought I’d have a go too (in fairness, I had been watching Juraj Talcik, Blackhaus, and the Xoio guys going crazy with it for some time).

The images above and below are just bits of old scenes re-shaded with Corona’s material system. I didn’t play much with the render settings – pretty much all default values.

In two words (or three), I love it! Corona seems very fast, very photographic, and is dead simple to use. I still miss a few must-have tools I use in V-Ray all the time, but I will certainly keep a very close eye on Corona and its development.

Corona is currently in a public alpha testing phase and free to use. For more information, visit the forum.

Corona Tests

Corona Tests

Corona Tests

Corona Tests

Corona Tests

Corona Tests

Corona Tests

Corona Tests

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  2. lylemills says:

    Superb images! Any post on these or are these straight out of Corona? I would love to try this engine but I am a C4D guy and have been told that development for Corona for C4D will take some time due to the developer being a student and working part time. I’ll just keep drooling over what is being posted.

  3. Juraj says:

    As I wrote on forum, incredibly beautiful images.

    Funny stuff, when I woke up this morning(or lunch..) very first thing Veronika told me was “Bertrand posted Corona images”, so I had to alter my morning routine and check it straight out. Absolutely worth it.

    I think those onions are one of the things I still haven’t bought because I wasn’t sure if I am gonna go that artistic on kitchen shots..but now that we both look at them, the sudden need arise.

    Peter asked me to write some tips, but I got bit mixed feelings because I am not comfortable with being confronted about something I do because I want to, since any tips I will write, will be purely subjective means. But maybe I’ll do so this weekend, to whoever it might help, no matter what.

    Thanks much for the motivation from this, it’s not ever impressive what render engine it is done with (and it gets so tireing to read these render wars…) it’s just another great work from you what matters to me.


  4. When you do post – YOU POST!

    It had to happen I guess, and these images look great. A render engine never imposed on you much though ;)

    This point in time seems tight with V-Ray 3 BETA / Corona Renderer / Maxwell Render v3 and the GPU Engines coming along too.


  5. lasse says:

    Hey Bertrand,

    great to see you trying that one out ;)
    corona will have a bright future, I guess – of course there are some things missing still – what I really would love to see is something like the vraymultisubtex or blend material – but I guess it is just a matter of time for it or similar features being implemented.

    great results you are getting!

    all the best

  6. Nuno says:

    Yes Bertrand, please comment a little about speed comparison between Vray BF/LC (v3) and Corona PT. I’m mostly a IM/LC user (hate waiting…) but i’m interested in knowing if there’s a “real” difference between these two render engines speed wise when both are set to semi or full unbiased mode.

  7. maximus2105 says:

    you’re absolutely out of this world my friend,….big big compliments! absolute eye candy! :)
    love the rustic wooden mats.

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