Dark pleasures


Dark pleasures

After quite a long time preparing for the Academy Day, I felt like a short break from archviz. I also felt a little hungry. These three pieces are the outcome of these combined impulses. I delved into my food-styling inspiration folder and tried to come up with something that would evoke a cosy, warm autumn feel.

The modeling was mainly done in 3ds Max, with a little bit of ZBrush on top. All rendered in V-Ray 3 Beta.

Dark pleasures

Dark pleasures

Below the Raw Total Lighting passes out of V-Ray as a cheap substitute for Clay renders (add these to the beauty pass in post with a “soft light” blending mode for a deep contrasty feel – thanks to Zac Arato for the great tip).

ClayAnd a wire straight from the Max viewport:



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  1. valwizard says:

    Thank you, Thomas! It was a font size changing problem, since I got a bigger screen. What can I say, your last work, Bertrand just left me wordless. It is not a visualization thing but a piece of art, in the same range as oil paint masters, Heda, Kalf, etc. Looking at your art pieces I am getting so motivated, and my eyes open wider. Brilliant!

  2. ThomasC says:

    @valwizard: I have the same problem occuring when viewing BBB3viz blog with Firefox. But when I switch to Chrome it works fine. I am not sure, but it may be related to windows default font size: if you changed it, I recommend you to reset it to its default settings and see if your problem’s gone.
    @Bertrand: marvelous set of images as usual. I love the way you play with light. Do you use VRay RT for preview purposes ?

  3. valwizard says:

    The content is hidden, all pages http://s20.postimg.org/c4h7xtvod/BBB3.jpg. Strange thing – I tried to get access from my mobile and it works only when I have signed out from Google account. But sadly doesn’t work from my pc and laptop even when I am signed out. Any guess, please, as I am really your big fan and especially got excited about your last art work- I am referring about your Dark Pleasures and still life as is a deeper exploration of fundamental art through modern tools. Any thoughts will help.

  4. valwizard says:

    Hi Bertrand,
    Fantastic work, I suppose. I only suppose because I am not able to see your art and reed your articles. Am I banned somehow? Sorry to post my question here, I did not find any other methods to contact you otherwise.

  5. archi3d says:

    HI Bertrand, i’m your great fan! love your work and i thank you for the tips of the Vray Raw Total Lighting pass, only one question, can i exlude glass object from this pass? in your image the glass is exluded? please can you explain that? thank you very much!

  6. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi guys, here is some additional info on these images.

    The wood in the chocolate pie scene has a normal map. These are large textures at 8000 pixels wide. To create normal maps, I use Pixplant, a Photoshop plugin. The only object with displacement here is the pie’s crust. The rest is mostly normal maps or bump. All objects are unwrapped, which is a must for this kind of scene.

    The outline around the pear in the “brown” image is a shadow. For this image, I modeled a basic ring flash around the camera as i wanted to add some frontal lighting and highlight. All images are lit with and HDRI but this one is the only one that has additional light sources, mainly for highlights: the ring flash and a warm softbox on the right. There are also basic shapes blocking the light around the scene (outside the camera field of view) to get better control on shadow areas.

    I did not use the progressive mode for these images. But I use it all the time for test images. I would find it hard to do without it these days.

    I used BF/LC for these. Stuck in my old ways…

  7. Federico says:

    Hi Bertrand, congrats again for this amazing work, I really like the chiaroscuro style.
    Do you still use BF + LC? or do you start to use BF at primary and secondary bounces with Vray 3? thanks

  8. yeungsammy2002 says:

    Very great work!!!!. I could notice that the surface of the wooden table are very decent. I just wonder if there is only apply a simple bump map, normal map or the whole table is apply vray displacement method and uv unwrapping modifier. I think the whole scene are too dark…even though the renders are very good.

  9. Hi Bertrand, great images as always. I noticed on the second image a darker outline around the pears, is that effect wanted? Also, did you use the progressive mode in vray 3 beta on these ones? If so any info on times that you want to share with us.

    Cheers !

  10. gpz says:

    Hi Bertrand,
    congratulations. Amazing work.
    One question. Did you use vraydisplacement modi for the wood?


  11. Matt_Cooke says:

    Hi Bertrand,
    Congrats on your new renders. The first and third are most remarkable. I feel that the 2nd image is the weaker of the trio as it has less depth. Once again, great work and thanks for sharing!

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