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It’s hard to revert to the daily routine after spending four amazing days in Venice. As promised, though, here are the images of the project I started as a case study for my two talks at  AD#4.

It was the interiors that first drew me to this small house in Austria by Bernardo Bader Architekten – a stern concrete building partially clad in warm wood inside and outside. But I also thought the exterior would make for a nice Forest Pro playground.

See below for the rest of the images. I won’t be repeating my presentations here, but feel free to ask if you have any question about this project.

House in Austria

House in Austria

House in Austria

House in Austria

House in Austria

House in Austria

House in Austria

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  2. metrocubicodigital says:

    Hi BBB3,

    Allways amazed with your works! Year after year! Hope to meet you someday in Venice or somewhere else.

    Ive got a couple of questions about this project.
    Regarding the PG Hdris you normally make sky in the beauty render with camera cliped and then use the according jpg sky backplate, or do you render HDRI sky straight from vray?
    About the vegetation, is it home made or bought somewhere?


  3. Nick says:

    Outstanding work again!

    I would really like to know how you create those subtle glow areas in the interior shots…is it the vray lens effects or is it done in post?

    Thanks and best regards!

  4. pablo says:

    Hello BB,
    I really admire the effect. I’m curious about the RAM comnsumption.
    How much does one need to render such a complex scene :)?

  5. V says:

    Bertrand, isnt it better to use the atmosphere render element(seperates the fog from the RGB PASS) and render it with a grey material instead for a complete black material, must have been taken ages to get it noise free? :)

    Stunning images as always.

  6. Werdisney says:

    Simply inspiring Bertrand, his work is really a market reference. For your workstation Z820 have several configurations for this model in the HP website ranging from some hardweres, which would be a brief setup of your machine? And how long it took on average each scene settings used? Great job.

  7. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks a lot for the feedback guys.

    Scott: I’m using these pine trees from R&D Group and some great free birch trees by Krzysztof Czerwinski. The rest are personal GrowFX creations.

    Chrishb: I got some grief in Venice about the lens and sun flares from Christopher at Luxigon. I may be using these more sparingly in the future.

    Antonio: Thanks. The grass I modeled myself. The colour variation comes from a large landscape texture that I use as a tint in Forest Pro.

    Ayub: I can’t talk about other machines, but I’m very happy with my HPZ820 (though the water pumps are a bit temperamental). I had an air-cooled workstation from CAD-Network (German workstation manufacturer) before, which had very few problems throughout the years and held up very well but customer service was unresponsive.

    John: I often get this question and I have come to the conclusion that different people might be using different types of linear workflows. For me, switching to linear was the end of burnout problems and over/underexposure, at the cost of lower contrasts overall, which can be boosted in post. In this series, all interiors were rendered using only an HDRI image. If anything, I often found the view outside the windows appeared slightly underexposed compared to what I would have expected and lightened it a bit in post. But of course bear in mind that in real life, you would get very large differences in light intensity between interior and exterior too. To an extent it is unavoidable if you want your images to be realistic.

    Johan: I’ll try to post some screenshots later. The environment was sculpted in ZBrush before I scattered the trees. The fog is a VrayEnvironmentFog rendered with a pure black material applied to the entire scene and composited into the final image in post (in order to better control its intensity).

    Juraj: Very nice meeting you in Venice! Well, my post is still relatively modest. I had about six layers on my PSD, compared with something like three million for the Luxigon guys ;-)

    Lyle, Matt, Matheus, Tsivolas: It took about 2 months working in the evening. The scene has 5m polys (not counting the vegetation). All the fog was done with VrayEnvFog but composited back in as a separate pass.

  8. Chrishb says:

    Out of this world job bertrand! Very inspiring masterpiece. Oh man, i love the interiors everything is perfect. I can only wish that i can achieve this kind of output. My only critic would be the lens flare on the dusk scene, i dont think its needed, but anyway thats just me. Thanks for sharing your work to us!

  9. Outstanding work as always Bertrand.
    In this particular case of the interior views, you could share a Raw Render to see the difference with the final result? Thanks
    And congrats again man ;)

  10. Ayub says:

    Hello Bertrand !
    I am a beginner.i am inspired from ur work when i started my work i wasnt sppourted by any one espacially in our country no specific degree was avalible until theni did some how learned it as it is my dream. i had few qestions in my mind, Is it that the learning procces is resisted by quality of of your own work station. 2nd what is the best source of learning include and exclude the content on web.3rd which workstation should i invest (with reasonable price).Your work is my inspration scince past 7 years .Please reply if possible sorry for bad english

  11. john says:

    Great work. Can we see the raw renders. Always find it difficult to not burn out the outside but to get enough light in the inside. You’ve balanced this really nicely! Any tips on how to achieve this? as I find when using dont affect colours. and full linear the hdri burns out to easily. Maybe your using 2 hdri’s one for difuse and other for reflections ?

  12. Johan says:

    Great set of images.

    I’m also interested to know how you set up the fog. Also interested to see the material setup for exterior cladding, aswell as an overview of the meshes used for the enviroment. How many different kind of trees etc. Looks like you used clusters for the lawn which is a great feature.

  13. Fernando blk says:

    Hi Bertrand, this is very very nice.
    I like a lot your style. In case of taste there’s more noise than I’d accept, but It doesn’t make the image loose anything related quality.
    I’d love to know more about how you think your material, not at technical side but at artistic look, how you compose your thoughts to clearly see the materials, and a more generic one, what inspire you? You’re one of my prefer artist on Archiviz field, best for you man.

  14. Federico says:

    The interiors are simply amazing! the exterior shots have a little too much post in the lights at my taste, but obviously are awesome too. I hope you will show something about materialsim 2.0

  15. Luk says:

    as always great eye :)
    I can not wait to come Mugla check out your new equipment at 3.0V.
    I’m very curious to see how you set up BF.z Lc.

  16. Juraj says:

    2Lyle: Heh, I have to say I did absolutely NOT expect so much post from Bertrand :- ) I expected it to be slightly more than Peters (which is level where I am, just one or two curves..), a bit here and there in MagicBullet, but the post was pretty big !

  17. Juraj says:

    I have to say the presenting panels did disservice to your images, as they do look so much nicer on monitor. It’s only here one can see all the details and care put into it.

    My only critique would be the noise, I understand certain noise can be very photorealistic, but particulary the noise in DOF, is the one that isn’t imho :- ) But apart from that, at zoomed level one can really apreciate the mentioned subtlety, I like the wooden materials very much, will upgrade specular maps in mine asap !

  18. Lyle says:

    Simply amazing work.
    1. The proverbial,”how long did it take to do these?”
    2. Was the volumetric glow coming from the windows in the exterior night scene done in post?
    3. Are these straight out of the renderer or was there post work done? If so, what?

  19. Matt says:

    Love your blue & yellow lighting ! It’s really great congrats. Same as Matheus, I fell curious about your fog technique. This subtle color variation + fog density looks really nice.

  20. Hello friend,
    Work very well executed.
    I have some doubts.
    You use VrayFog or other mechanism to simulate the fog?
    I really would like a tutorial on the technique of his fog.
    I see that you use constantly Pack Forest in their projects.
    But you use your own images and then use the pluguin only to spread?

    Congratulations once again my friend.

  21. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks guys. Yes, PG HDRI, no VraySun. These ones were rendered with V-Ray 2.4 (there was no Forest Pro for V-Ray 3 at the time). BF/LC everywhere.
    I’m using V-Ray 3 now and it is noticeably faster, especially with Brute Force. The progressive render mode is great!
    EDIT: Nonsense, there is a VraySun in image 1 and 3.

    EDIT2: Tuanmano: Rendered on just one machine. I can’t see any missing map. Could you point me to what you mean?

  22. Nuno says:

    Awesome lighting Bertrand! PG HDRI and vraysun? Vray3? BF/LC? Have you had the opportunity to compare vray 3 / 2.4 rendertimes especially in the BF department?

  23. Hi Bertrand it looks fantastic, which one is the photographic approach you use for composition? Real references or a deep study of the architecture itself. Cheers.

  24. Awe inspiring once again, impressive vegetation and top notch lighting, shaders and composition. Just hate for not having been able to take part of the SOA event this year and hear you presenting your images. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be there next year.

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