V-Ray 3 beta fun


ClassicIMAGEHaving some fun here with V-Ray 3 beta. This was rendered using the new “progressive” mode. I stopped the render after about 2 hours. It was pretty much clean by then. There’s some heavy post-pro here, including bloom and CA, but the DOF is V-Ray’s. This was my first time trying the progressive mode in a moderately complex interior render (as opposed to simple product shots) and it turns out to be very usable in such situations too. Really nice details and shadows despite the very diffuse lighting.

EDIT: Here is another one. I’m uploading the raw render and the finished image for comparison. I’ll let you guess which is which.



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  1. Tsivolas says:

    Any chance to see something here from your AD#4 lectures? I know its not the space here to talk about it but I desperately waiting for the next meterialism.. :)

  2. Juraj says:

    I have to say I am slightly polarized by it. The right side looks quite good to me, but I would say that is rather your post, which I find very pleasing here (white and bright!), but on other hand, the left side seems oddly unnatural to me. It seems like it’s stuck with local brute force bounce, keeping uniform dark shadow around every corner, even at places where they shouldn’t be at all. It’s somehow reminiscent of ambient occlussion, as noted by Correntes above. Maybe its just VrayDirt in the shader, but it throws it off for me.

    On different note, I am really looking forward to AD, would love to say atleast hi :- ) Looking forward to secret project, though I know it will bomb !

  3. BBB3VIZ says:

    I’ll try to provide speed comparison and upload the raw render in the next few days.

    As for Corona: I’m sure it is highly capable, although I have never used it myself despite being asked. I’ve used a few renderers over time, including Indigo, Maxwell and Octane. I still use them occasionally but find myself often gravitating back to V-Ray. Having to re-shade assets between projects and having to learn and un-learn basic material recipes is a huge disincentive to switsching renderers, even occasionally.

  4. BBB3VIZ says:

    The progressive image sampler is not unbiased, but it is certainly reminiscent of working with such renderers as Maxwell as it gradually refines the image in passes. It is rather similar to using V-Ray RT.

    Yes, this is using LWF and Linear Multiply.

  5. Correntes says:


    Regarding this scene:

    Have you tried corona ? I’m very curious which renderer would clean this scene faster…

    Despite render times, corona noise seems allot more natural, vray have some sort of ” 3D oclusion” look.


  6. thanhluong says:

    Hi Sir,

    Image brightness and more modern image and of course still beautiful as ever.
    I want to ask you a question. You still use the “Color Mapping: Linear multiply” or had other changes.

    Thank you for sharing !

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