I bought a real-world SE18 “multipurpose” chair recently, a vintage edition of the chair designed in 1952 by Egon Eiermann (whose foldable chair I posted about a while back).

Reason enough to try my hand at modeling it. It really makes a difference having the actual object to hand when doing this. Let me know what you think.






  1. rob taylor wrote:

    I would love to know how you set up the scene for the top 3 images – the lighting and backdrop are stunning and I can never achieve anything quite as subtle for product renderings. Does it also have much post production?

  2. wow…im obsessed with design chairs! i need a video of your process model, i need it, really.
    You make people happy with your work.

    regards from Barcelona!

  3. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Yes, the wood maps are 4K. And yes, this is V-Ray 3 beta. The old CPU engine is quite a bit faster in V-Ray 3 compared to 2.4.

  4. RobSteady wrote:

    Is this already VRay 3 beta?
    Have you tried it? Do you think the good old cpu engine can keep up with gpu in the future?

    So many questions….

  5. Lyle wrote:

    Definitely much easier to model something when the object is at hand. Amazing as always! The details are phenomenal. I second that for Materialism 2!
    All the best. :-)

  6. exwhyzee wrote:

    great work B! Shading is perfect! Wood, metal, everything looks great!
    What’s the resolution of the wood texture? 4K, or bigger?
    And we all waiting for Maerialism pt. 2.
    Keep it up! Cheers!!!

  7. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    It’s already there ;-)

  8. Nuno wrote:

    Time to put it in the store :)

  9. hossein fiuoj wrote:


    Glad to see your work

  10. Aurelien wrote:

    Impressive as always Bertrand !
    Nothing to say !
    Love it , less is more !

  11. It always give a lot more, when you actually have it in front rather than google it. Simple but quite solid on the overall look. I really like how realistic the metal looks! Waiting for that AD#4 for a close encounter! Keep it up Bertrand

  12. Sequel wrote:

    Hi Bertrand! Your love for details AMAZING me! Thanks for sharing with us these peace of art!

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