The Baron in the Warehouse




A quick heads-up: The Baron Haussmann apartment has finally reached the Warehouse.

This is the original 3ds Max V-Ray scene used for this series of images. Most of the furniture has gone, but the two fireplaces and the modern kitchen are included.

To avoid any confusion, the image above as well as the other thumbnails are raw renders, straight out of the box. The scene here uses IM/LC for (relatively) fast rendering, though I used BF/LC in the original series. The lighting set-up has also been slightly modified for improved render times.

You can use the scene as a showcase for your models or as a case study for a naturalistic interior render.

NOTE: In order to work properly, the scene requires the free MultiTexture plugin, which can be found here and here. Plug all individual plank textures included in the archive into the MultiTexture map in the parquet material.

If you decide to check out the scene and do something nice with it. Make sure to let me know.

UPDATE: There was a problem with the scene invoking some plugins that could cause Max to throw error messages upon loading (though it would then render fine). I have now fixed these and uploaded a clean version of the Baron scene. So if you bought it just after it went live and have had problems with it, make sure to download the most recent archive. Apologies to all early adopters.


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  1. ber2 says:

    Hi Bertrand. I’m planning to buy this one next month. Just want to ask about the lighting of this scene, does it come with an HDRI? Thanks in advance and amazing work as always…!!

  2. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi GpZ. I don’t do anything specific. If you use LWF, it will ensure color bleeding is always realistic and never excessive.

  3. gpz says:

    Hi Bertrand. Just one question. How do you manage color belleding in vray?
    Do you use overide material?

    thanks and congratulations for your work


  4. BBB3VIZ says:

    If you want the original render settings, it’s very easy. Instead of IM/LC for GI, use BF/LC. In the “Adaptive image sample” rollout, make sure Min and Max Subdivs are set at 1 and 6 and uncheck “Use DMC sample thresh.”. Prepare for longer render times though.

  5. jonmorris says:

    I concur with Mike…I’m also very interested in the “Real Series” /Brute Force settings as it’s something I’m not entirely sure how to get right.

  6. tOm says:

    You say it’s a raw render above ? Stuning, really … I would like to buy your model just to see your lighting setup more precisely but I’m afraid I can’t afford it, although I am not criticizing the price in any way: no pain, no gain. And I am sure you work hard. Bravo BB !!

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