Exclusive crumbs


If you happen to be a Lufthansa frequent flyer, you should have received this in the post last week. In addition to a nice and beautifully illustrated piece on Peter Zumthor, this month’s issue of ‘Exclusive’, the airline’s magazine for card members, features an insightful story by Christian Tröster on the state of the rendering industry. I was pleasantly surprised that Christian chose to start his article with a double spread showing my “bits of bread” image. A really nice showing indeed.

Even if you are not a Lufthansa cardholder, you can still browse through a PDF version of the magazine. Go to page 64 for Christian’s article. The Zumthor piece starts on page 20.


  1. dub wrote:

    excellent graphic programs :) they can do everything, who needs an artist

  2. radiosity wrote:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!wonderfull work!!!

  3. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks Gudy! Hope you’re well.

  4. Being in the LH magazine is a real treat! Your images are stunning! I didn’t know that you are into food styling now. The lighting and color of those dos images ( more high key at the left and a bit warmer at the right) are very well worked out.

  5. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks guys. See you in Venice, Davide. Very much looking forward to this.

  6. Vini wrote:

    Congratulations! Awesome news! The amount of work and detail you put into your pieces are out of this world. Best Regards

  7. Cool!!! BTW you really deserve it, ”bits of bread” is one of the best model that i ever seen…. many congrats!! Probably i’ll see you in Venice

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