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This place has been pretty quiet lately and my response rate to questions posted here or via email has been even more dismal than usual. One reason was a broken coolant pump in my Z820, which has now been fixed. Another is that I’ve been keeping my head down while preparing for this year’s State of Art Academy Day, the fourth installment, which takes place in Venice on October 4-5.

I’m thrilled about the prospect of participating in these two days of workshops and talks, even though taking to the chair alongside such demigods as Peter Guthrie, Vlado Koylazov, Eric de Broche and Ronen Bekerman is intimidating, to put it mildly.

It will be my first time at the Academy Day, but everyone I have talked to about it has been full of praise for the event. You should definitely consider it. I can’t disclose much about what I’m planning until SOA has launched the event’s official web page – other than to say that it will revolve around a purpose-made project. In the meantime, make sure to check the teaser.

I will take some time in the next two weeks to answer all email and comment questions. Do let me know if you’re planning to be in Venice in October.

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  1. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Looking forward to seeing some of you there.
    In the meantime, making some progress on this project for SOAAD, but not nearly as fast as I’d like to.

  2. great, i ll see you there Bertrand….frankly, among some other your workshops are the reason why i bought 2 seats for me and my colleague :)
    Its just shame that ITOO will have only 30 minute workshop of Forest Pack…think they could pull out a few more tricks should they have the regular time for it.

    BTW: regarding the Academy Day, does anyone know whether all the workshops will be recorded and allowed for download for paying attendants???
    This is my 1st time in the Academy, appologies for the ingnorant question :)

  3. ThomasC says:

    Great news for all of us you will be there Bertrand. I would love to be there too. I had the chance to live a whole year in Venice when I was an architecture student and I know how much it is an amazing place.
    I was thinking: maybe you should try to feed your coolant pump with tramezzini and spritz ;) I f you don’t know what I am talking about, you will understand when you’ll be there for sure. My prefered tramezzini flavor is mozzarela pomodoro. Definitely. You lucky guy :)

  4. LyleMills says:

    You have to put yourself in that list of demigods… I wish I could attend. We definitely need something like this in Canada.

    BTW, what are the symptoms of a broken coolant pump?

  5. Norberto says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be there!!
    I hope some of the lectures will be available to watch afterwards for all of us that can’t make it to Venice.
    Good luck on your first participation Bernard! (not that you’ll need it, but you know…)

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