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I’m going through one of these recurrent phases when I think I really ought to spend more time on the blog. So here is a new batch of images: a series inspired by the beautiful Parisian interiors of the Haussmann era.

I was going for something elegant and slightly mysterious. But instead I wonder if all this modern furniture in this stuccoed French interior does not make me think too much of flat Eric.

As often, this personal project was done in fits and starts over a period of several months. The main rooms were finished a long time ago and the bedroom done in a separate scene more recently.

Since I started, a number of very nice Parisian interiors were posted by various artists, so this won’t seem very innovative by now. Still, modelling the period fireplace, mirrors, stuccoed ceilings and moldings was fun, if not something I would want to do everyday.

As 90 percent of the time, all the modeling was done in 3ds Max, the renders in Vray, and the post-production in Photoshop/Magic Bullet Looks/Nik Color Efex.

Nothing much to say about the scene. All pretty conventional stuff. I modeled a full Hausmannian facade to serve as a backdrop, which took longer than it should have and ended up as such a large mesh that I had to convert it to a proxy.

The lighting is mainly HDRI, with a few warm softboxes here and there to add relief. All the models were custom-made, including a bunch of kitchen props that don’t get much of a showing in the final series, hence a closer look here:


Below are a few highlights from the series, with the full set here.

Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann

Baron Haussmann


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  2. Driaan says:

    Hey betrand, Does the fact that you render at such high resolutions contribute to your low levels of nice and crisp detail when displayed at a lower resolution?? Would love to know thanks!! your work is extremely inspirational!!

  3. BBB3VIZ says:

    Mike: I’d need to check the scene but it was definitely a sky HDR. I have mainly three sources for HDR skies: Peter Guthrie, CGSkies and CG-Source. They are all very good and have enough variety to always find what you need.

    Gabriel: Sorry for taking so long to answer. You could send me an email using the contact form.

    Bogdan: This was a personal project so no deadline. These things can take several months because of the details and lack of solid time to work on them.

    Marc Leighton: I used Marvelous Designer / CLO3D on these. They are not actually that great when seen up close.

    Den Brooks: Oh no, these are rendered at much higher resolution, around 4K. I only post small-res images to avoid them being used in print without my permission, as has happened in the past. I’d rather do that than plaster watermarks all over them.

    Luk: ;-)

  4. MIKE says:

    Hi. Please tell me what kind of HDRI map You use – I mean that it was sky or ????
    And of course it’s amazing.

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