Haus der Kulturen der Welt



Here a few images done last year, the latest in a series about re-creating modernist architecture in Berlin and beyond.

Known today as the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures), this building is the work of US architect Hugh Stubbins, a student of Walter Gropius in Harvard. It was erected in 1957 in Berlin’s Tiergarten for the international building exhibition as a gift by the US government to the city.

As usual, the modelling was done in 3ds Max and rendered in Vray. The piece took several months, on and off, to complete and is not fully finished yet. At some point I intend to finish the interior of the main hall.










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  1. Muktar Isa says:

    Hello Bertrand,
    Amazing images as always. One question though!,,, do you use brute force for GI? if so, how do you manage the noise? and at what point does one make peace with it? I just started experimenting with brute force+light cache setup and the renders are quite amazing, except for the noise.

  2. Edo says:

    you’re a top class photographer!
    The composition and point of view of some of the pictures is stunning.
    I think that the lowered saturation is great, but maybe there’s is too much vignetting and “blacks” boost in some of them.

    As your CG skills are far beyond discussion, we can try to discuss photography…
    …or architecture. design…
    Your selection of buildings and furniture is always exquisite. I guess you’ve learned a lot from the masters by “copying” them.


  3. Paul says:

    Beautiful work! Bertrand would you be kind emough to answer a question? Are these LWF or Reinhard colour mapped thus controlling any burntout areas in the sky? Once again really outstanding on all fronts!

  4. Dhawal says:

    Just fantastic!!!!!!!Bravo….Bravo…..
    Are there two concrete main arches on either side of the building?
    what you have used trees and grass?

  5. waouuu.
    I’m agree with Pavel, but… it’s real, with no doubt.
    I don’t understand if you desaturated in the render or in post prod.
    You really have no sun ? For shadows, only HDR ?
    I love your breakfast too.

    Un plaisir toujours renouvelé, une claque à répétition.

  6. Long time no see! These renders are just fantastic! Reaaly digging the the vintage/desaturated look. Waiting to see more details on the creation process. And as always, can’t wait for the next part of Materialism!

  7. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks a lot, guys. Much appreciated.

    tOm: Indeed these are only lit by HDRIs. Its a mixture of them, really. There are a few from CGSkies, from Peter Guthrie and from CGSource too, which has few skies but very nice.

    Pavel: Perhaps, I always seem to desaturate things a lot lately. Maybe it’s a subconscious function of working on vintage architecture – that the visuals seem to work better when a little faded.

    RobSteady: Yes, no problem, I will post some more details here soon. Regarding your sky question: These only show the actual sky maps. I didn’t use any backplates. I didn’t forget about the tutorials, but it is getting harder to find the time :-(
    As for Octane, I do use it and I find that having it integrated in Max is definitely a game-changer. But as someone who tends to work with very large scenes, I continue to find the VRam limitations crippling, even with 3GB on my current card. I keep rotating between Vray (about 80 per cent of my output), Maxwell and Octane (about 10 per cent each).

    CG Record: Thanks a lot for the nice plug!

    Metamorph: Danke! Es sah einfach hier besser so, aber manche Bilder sind trotzdem eher high-key als low-key. Da bin ich vielleicht ein bisschen ambivalent.

    Wildabrek: It must have taken me about two months or so to complete, working in my spare time. Materials creation, including texturing, is always the longest (and for me the most interesting) part.

  8. RobSteady says:

    One last question:
    What about Octane Render? Are you still using it? Do you think it will replace vray in the near future? Or is the vram still the bottleneck?
    I’m asking because I want to buy a new machine, maybe also the hp z820. Or build a more gpu orientated one…


  9. RobSteady says:

    Can you post some details like resolution, v-ray setup and rendertimes?
    Did you use hdri’s from cgskies for all of the shots or also replaced the sky with backdrops?
    Post in PhotoLooks?

    Thanks in advance!
    Keep up the awesome work and don’t forget about tuorials 😉

  10. Pavel says:

    Awesome work! You are master of exterior visualization! (-and interior of course) I hope I will be able to reach your level someday)
    P.S. Not too strong desaturation? Sorry. I don’t dare to correct your methods.

  11. tOm says:

    Hugh Stubbins would probably have been honored by your work Bertrand, no doubt. The first shot is fantastic. Can I ask you what HDRI did you use for it ? one ?

  12. shawn says:

    Excellent work, realism at its highest, i saw some of these images before for a competition you entered was wondering when you would post these. Above all else i love the architecture and materials. Bravo

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