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Blogging is a fine thing, but even after all these years, nothing quite beats seeing one’s oeuvre on paper. I’ve had a few bits and pieces appear in ye old medium lately, ranging from the informative to the introspective.

At the workmanlike end of the spectrum, you may want to check the workshop I produced for issue 163 of 3DWorld, the CG artist’s monthly bible, with some fresh insight into my bakery scene.

I was also very lucky to feature in the “rendering” issue of CLOG, the much talked-about architectural mag. No tut there but a couple of images and some shallow musings about craft, art and why we should all stop to hate ourselves and our skills. A lot of nice stuff there too from Luxigon, Mir and many other old masters.

The last publication is not on paper stricto sensu, but it’s glossy enough so I thought I’d mention it anyway. Berlin-based Gabriel Tamez published a nice feature on archviz on mb!, Mercedes-Benz’s lifestyle website, a few weeks ago with some clever quotes and thoughts by Eric de Broche des Combes, Peter Guthrie, Trong Greve Andersen and a silly sentence or two from the BBB3viz team.

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  1. cerocuadrado says:

    I have just purchased 3d world….can’t wait to put my hands on it…and would wait for next materialism posts!!!

    Some time ago I asked you about your fabric materials and have a talk in the blog about good textures and where to get them….well, I would like to share a resource I have recently discovered from German manufacturer Jab Anstoetz the “product finder” website where U can find any of their references in pretty decent quality seamless texture, as well as a referenco of its behaviour in a real life lightning situation.

    link to an example:*&citem=00000002780000000436&zjab_productQty=1%29/.do?rf=y

    Hope this might be useful for anyone…cheers!!!

  2. Good news! Would be nice to see some transparent/refractive materials. The stained/frosted glass on the Eames photoshoot looks incredible. Would be awesome to see how you went about creating that… The glass vessels and the flower on the GH House scene also look heper real. Would be awesome to get an insight on those…Just my 2 cents =) Thanks for your amazing work. You are a great inspiration to a whole following of people!

  3. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks, guys.

    Mike: I sent them a rather large selection and they picked those they wanted.

    Juraj: Oh no, this has long been a team effort.

    Vladimir: I haven’t forgotten about materialism. Just can’t seem to find the time. But number 2 will come eventually.

  4. Did you pick the pictures in “Rendering” yourself?, You should do a poll next time and ask for blog-visitors for which pictures to choose, because I think there’s pictures better than your “Snow + Bauhaus”.. Not that any of your pictures are bad! :)

  5. Juraj Talcik says:

    Congratulations :- ) Anyway, I might as well be obnoxious and ask you (but you can of course choose to ignore my question would you find it too personal), is this correct ? “Bertrand Benoit and Nadja Orlowski of Paris-based visualization firm BBB3VIZ” Does that mean you don’t work solo actually :- ) ? Thank you !

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