“European Loft” hits the Warehouse


After a lot of cleaning and tweaking, I have now put my second full scene up for sale in the warehouse.

“European Loft”, like “Chicago Loft“, is based on existing architecture; in this case on a conversion of a burlesque theatre by Piero Lissoni. And like “Chicago Loft”, it is a minimalist space, with a touch of industrial modernism married to more classical features.

Unlike the previous scene, however, this one comes (at the same price) packed with the following assets, most of which are not available separately:

Bertoia Kitchen Stool;
– Boffi kitchen, with industrial-style faucet and detailed stove;
– Piero Lissoni dining chairs and table;
– Blown glass pendant light;
– 5 individual, high-quality trees;
– Antique vase;
– Antique bas-relief;
CH 07 chair by Hans Wegner;
– Individual books;
– Metal floor lamp;
– Photorealistic facade models for the exterior.

I’ve also taken on board a lot of the comments made by people who purchased “Chicago Loft”. One change is that the previews shown on the Turbosquid product page for the two scenes are now raw renders (the images shown in this post are post-processed), so that what you see is actually what you get.

Another change is that this scene was set up and optimised to render reasonably fast (between 20m and 60m for a 1200×1200 image on a twin Xeon @ 2.27GHz). This is not quite animation territory, unless you have a more powerful machine, but notably faster than “Chicago Loft”. Bear in mind, however, that this is a big scene at 6m polys and the lighting is quite challenging, with a lot of the space being lit only indirectly. Should you care only about quality and not speed, you could do two things: Switch to “brute force” GI for nicer details, particularly in the mouldings, while raising the DMC settings to eliminate the noise; or/and raise the subdivision of the DomeLight. Note that to limit the size of the download, the Dome Light has been textured with a jpg image – which works fine, but feel free to substitute an HDR image for improved lighting.

Likewise, if you are going to do a lot of post-production on the images, I would suggest unchecking the clamping option (it is now activated for faster rendering) and saving the image as a 32bit .exr. That will give you a lot more colour depth to play with.

As in the past, I have included a day and a night versions, each located on a separate layer, which can be revealed or hidden (Vray has been configured to ignore hidden lights). Note that the power of the artificial lights in the night version is not realistic. The reason is that I wanted both day and night versions to render without having to increase the exposure or sensitivity settings of the cameras. Both versions should render equally fast despite the much bigger number of lights in the night version.

The scene was put together in 3ds Max 2013 and saved for Max 2010 so you should be able to open it in all Max versions from 2010 to 2013. Vray 2.3 was used but the scene should work fine in earlier versions.

One final point: This scene has been submitted to the Turbosquid CheckMate quality-control programme. The CheckMate label basically guarantees that the scene has been successfully opened and rendered on a different computer – no error messages, missing plugins or textures. Big scenes like these are hard to clean completely in Max and are prone to these problems, so if you are interested in it but want to be on the safe side, wait for the CheckMate label to appear on it before you buy. It can take a few days for TS to grant the label, especially if modifications are required.




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  1. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Julio. Bear in mind that you wouldn’t be buying a render but a 3ds Max scene prepared for V-Ray. It would be up to you to generate the renders. The scene, however, comes with a full commercial license. You can do whatever you like with it apart from reselling it. Hope that answers your question.

  2. Julio A. says:

    Greetings Bertrand, I was wondering if this render could be used for a printed lamps catalogue. I’m not very sure of the rights. The client wants to buy the render for including one of the their ceiling lamps. It’s a 180cm radius lamp so they are looking for a large space. Obviously the lamp will be included in this render and some modifications could take place. Just asking to make sure we are doing the right thing here before buying. Thanks let me know if you want more info. By the way I’m a follower of your work.

  3. BBB3VIZ says:

    Chetib: Un peu de tout. Mais principalement Max (polymodelling) and ZBrush for the finer details. Looking back I think I could have done a better job of it though.

  4. chetib says:

    Bonjour Bertrant,
    J’ai acheté votre scene et j’avais 1 question. vous avez utilisé quel procédé pour modéliser les moulures au mur ? Merci d’avance.

  5. BBB3VIZ says:

    Jontmorris: Actually, the lights’ power is much higher than it really should be. If you want them to be realistic, do the following: Take any camera you have that allows manual exposure and aperture, take a photo in your house at night, then input the values of your real-world camera into the Vray Physical camera. This will probably give you an extremely over-exposed scene (and probably one very slow to render). All you need to do then is to tune down the sky and light settings so that they look the way they do on your photo.

  6. Jontmorris says:


    Just bought this scene and having fun playing around with it. Question: you mention the power of the artificial lights not being realistic. If I was to set them up as such would you recommend simply increasing their power or adjusting the camera settings. perhaps both? Any tips appreciated!

  7. BBB3VIZ says:

    Peter: Oh dear. That’s seriously intimidating. Perhaps you can tell me everything I did wrong. Seriously, negative feedback is also much welcome.

  8. chetib says:

    Bonjour Bertrand,

    Comprenez vous le français ? Dans ce cas ça m’arrange à cause de ma connaissance limitée en Anglais.
    Sinon je suis évidemment très intéressé par votre nouvelle scène à vendre. Merci pour votre réponse.

  9. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hey Mike. You’re probably right about the books, I’ll have to check that. The CH-07 chair is white with grey felt because it I felt it fits the environment better. But of course you can restore the original material if you think it works better for you.

  10. Firstly, this is not a critique or something I’m displeased with. It’s only things I’ve happened to notice when looking around in it.

    – The bottom book of the stacks of books at the CH07 chairs are “in” the ground.
    – I’ve noticed that the CH07 chair is completely white, with grey felt? I’m wondering if you forgot putting the right material on it? Since in the Textures you send there is a Wood and Brown Leather map. So that it’ll look like the one you’re selling at TS?

    Other than that, everything looks really good (obviously) :)

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