Northern light



Northern light

Not much text today but many images. My latest personal project is a hybrid creation, inspired both by the architecture of João Tiago Aguiar and the photography of Janne Peters – Portugal meets Germany, if you like. As usual, you can see the series on Flickr and get the models (some of them at least, more on the way), in the warehouse.

I hope you like these. Criticism and comments much welcome.

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light

Northern light




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  1. paulorosario says:

    Hi Bertrand. Congratulations for your work. Very inspiring.
    I would like to ask you what is the name of this floor lamp?

  2. Hi

    I really love your glass material, It has a lot of depth especiall in the bases of the glass. Any tips on material settings or is this because of how you model them? When ever I have a glass object ie. a vase on a table I never seem to have a contact shadow etc….

    Thanks for your knowledge!

  3. Marc says:

    I’m very impressed!!!! Just wondering what colour mapping settings you used and is there a lot of difference between your raw image and an image with post production on them?


  4. federico says:

    Best render i ever seen!!! every thing is amazing.. but what impress me much is the high definition of the images. Are there any possibilities that you say something about an usual render set up? did you save your images in openExr file 32 bit?
    Thanks for the ispiration!

  5. joao says:


    Buy nukex just for denoise of course its not an option. I was junt saying that its probably the best filter around for reducing noise.

    Since I am more into the vfx but also do archviz nuke its a every day tool.

  6. Johan says:

    NukeX is about 4800 GBP (excluding VAT) right? Or how much did you pay for it? You really did to have some serious noise problems if you consider buying it just for the denoise filter.

  7. joao says:

    For those who have problems with BF noise, I have been using the denoise filter with NukeX.

    The result? Amazing. You render out the raw passes out of vray, then apply the denoise filter to the raw indirect pass and/or reflection pass and it really is amazing. Just check which passes has noise and then comp everything.

    I am rendering with arnold renderer and vray with maya, since both are quite noisy, thats a great way of making very clean images.

    I am telling you, the denoise filter of nukeX makes miracles. :D

    I will post some images if you guys interested.

  8. Dan T says:

    Bertrand – You should really consider building your own computer. It’s not that challenging and the price is always better. Watercooling is a great option for getting more bang for your buck. I just built a watercooled system with a GTX 580 and an overclocked 2600k. It’s quite speedy. You could obviously do a multi-cpu Xeon setup easily enough. I’m thinking of building a little mini-render farm to help stack in more cores at a low price.

    Amazing work. I am really grateful with how much info you share. Have you given up on noise free Brute Force, btw?

  9. joao says:

    What about a DVD tutorial like “Bertrand Benoit – the ultimate realism with vray” ahahah.
    That way you could buy a new workstation with a lot of cores an RAM. :D

    just kidding here, but why not? :)

  10. Bogdan says:

    The images are astounding, the passion in making them is transparent! i was wondering if you’re using a single workstation for rendering or a render farm.
    Keep it up. Best regards

  11. Gudy Herder says:

    Just answering your comment: that was surprising! Didn´t know you knew my blog and feel honored. And you do speak quite a bit of languages, I am wondering where are you based. Anyhow, any chance to get in contact? If so, would you drop a message through my blog at the contact page? Would really appreciate! xx Gudy

  12. Visua says:

    Cool, yeah I always use diffusion as the first “node” in my looks-pipeline but I’m not totally happy with the result. Any chance of having a quick look (pun intended) of your looks-pipeline? So that bloom is basically diffusion only? Best regards //NIC

  13. BBB3VIZ says:

    Here is a comparison between the raw render and the final image:


    Yes, you need to use diffusion in Photolooks. And you need to be working in 32bits for it to work well.

  14. Jarek says:

    Hi! Very nice work! Could you show me original image file without post production in Photoshop? It will be nice to look at the RAW colours and lights.

    Thanks in advance!


  15. Johan says:

    Regarding glow in Photolooks. I think maybe diffusion is better for that diffuse glow/bloom. But I let Bertrand explain what he is using. I would also very much like to get some sort of postproduction workflow tutorial.

  16. Visua says:

    Sweet ass work as always, I’m curious, can you elaborate on that nice bluish glow in Bullet Looks. I tend yo use “Star glow” but basically it looks like…a star…while the effect I’m aiming for is more like a diffuse glow/bloom kind-of-thing. A tutorial on your postwork-workflow would be much appreciated, cheers.

  17. joao says:

    Hello there. I talked about the noise just for curiosity. The images are perfect. I second the request of a raw render vs post processing :D

    Tnks a lot

  18. Jasper says:

    Would it be possible to see a raw render vs final render to help understand a little about your post processing? Thanks

  19. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks for the valuable feedback.

    Hossein: There is a BBB3viz facebook page already (see the facebook button on the blog’s home page), but it is being maintained by somebody else so I can’t post there. I actually don’t have a Facebook ID so I can’t even see all of the comments – a bit silly, I know.

    Rami: As 90% of the time, I used 3ds Max and Vray. With a Dome Light and a very subdued Sun light.

    Martin: Very glad you like it. Yes, I was quite happy with the render-time-vs-noise balance this time. It’s all IM/LC, to the exception of the bathroom image, which had to be BF due to some very persistant IM splotches on the ceiling. Render times varied wildly from image to image, though, with the close-ups, the fur and the displacement taking a lot longer than the rest.

    Matheus: Hi Matheus, yes, Dome Light with HDR and Sun light too. The blue glow is a post effect I do with Magic Bullet Photolooks. I just add a tint to the glow, and it only works well with 32-bit, unclamped images with strong light sources.

    Nikolai: The bricks were made with Mightytiles, a plugin being developed by the original BRIX coder and which should be hitting the market very soon (if it hasn’t already).

    Mike: Thanks for asking. I really should have credited the author of the lady. It is a very high-density body scan provided for free by Artec3d. It is a very fine model (and hence very hefty and used here as a proxy) but because of the texturing it does not quite hold up to very close scrutiny. But I think it works fine here.

    Gudy: Hola Gudy! Thanks a lot for dropping by. Ich bin ein großer fan von, sehr inspirierend.

    Joao: Actually, I thought the noise wasn’t too bad this time. I’ve seen much, much worse. Here it is really caused by the direct lighting (lights subdivisions), not the GI, which is always smooth with IM/LC, and to a lesser extent by the glossies. It’s all a matter of balance between render time and quality. But yes, Vray has become much noisier since 2.
    For the green “side” on the glass panes, you need to set a greenish-aqua fog colour in the glass settings and use a low fog multiplier (maybe 0.1 or 0.2)

    RolandB: I use Magic Bullet Photolooks for post-production, which I find very practical to get these filter effects. For a free Photoshop alternative check these great actions by Joker Martini:

    Chetib: No, this scene won’t come up for sale as it uses way too many plugins for it to make any sense. But the furniture is up for sale already, some of it anyway. I’m currently working on adapting an older scene of mine for sale but it takes quite a bit of optimising work. I’m not very organised.

  20. Dear Bertrand , whenever you post your renders , I know that you expect a lot of question after that !
    You just amaze us with your great skill and art , I recommend you to create fan page in facebook .

  21. Rami Emad says:

    Hi Bertrand,

    Great work as usual. I just had a question, which render engine did you use for this project? And which type of light source did you use, is it Dome light with HDRI or what exactly.

    Thank you and congrats on your new amazing renders.

  22. There he goes again :)
    You should let us al know at least week before posting such things so we have enough time to take anti-envy pills in high dosages :)))))

    but seriously:
    i think with this one, you really pushed thisngs even further, the one with the grey rug being my favourite!
    so…….. BF/LC again? looks like you got the most of the noise out


  23. Dear Bertrand, you have become my major source of research,,, I love your style and your work, Congratulations I wonder, what source you have used light to illuminate your scenes? HDRI or VRaySun? Something always impressed me … how you can make the effect of exposure in blue … coming from the windows … in your pictures? sensational

    Peace my brother

  24. hi bertrand, fantastic as always!
    Are the bricks made with BRIX? I know Materialwerk (Brix) doesn’t exist anymore
    but is there a chance to get Brix somewhere?

  25. Miguel says:

    Your images ar mindblowing!! I wish there was a way to download your knowledge directly into my brain via usb!! Congrats bertrand great work!

  26. Daniele says:

    you ruined my self-esteem…why do i check your blog every week?!
    awesome stuff and you know it is…just one question..those are your personal projects…where are the job ones?

  27. joao says:

    Forgot to ask, I see that your images have some noise, is it caused by the “path tracing” GI or syportal lights/other?

    Tnks a lot

  28. RolandB says:

    Again me…
    A question torments me : your renders have always the same brightness, often greenish, witch gives your pictures a reality very probative.
    Do you use a filter in post-production or do you render it in Max?
    Thanks !

  29. RolandB says:

    Hello Bertrand
    I’m a great fan of your renders and of your work in general.
    This is again a really nice one. I’m very a hurry to have your talent !
    Congratulations, but do you need it ? !!

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