Dubious hommage

I am mostly of a placid composition and not easily annoyed. But there are a few things that can make me twitch. One of these is theft: the occasional emptying of my Turbosquid library by some kid using a cloned credit card; or the nicking and appropriation of my images by the gentleman below.

I’m not too sure about his modelling skills, but RTEwork, who hails from Kaliningrad, definitely has some serious photoshop skills. He has been plodding his 3D wares on 3DOcean and Turbosquid by using my work as background on his showcase images (I’m kindly assuming the models, unlike the images, are his). Turbosquid, who takes copyright theft seriously, was very quick to take the offending images off its site. Not so 3DOcean, which is certainly a disappointment.

Below two examples of many, the first image is the original, the second the plagiat.


  1. Esteban wrote:

    Ok, but how this guy can download the scene?, this scene in turbosquid is not available for download. This is strange. This guy maybe achieved enter in your computer !! :s i don´t no but, Bertrand you are the best in the business, keep going.

    If it is possible to acquire the scene, please send me a mail to pay for it. Paying for it means recognizing the work, no matter the price.

    Cheers, Esteban

  2. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Very nice! I like the metal texture. Well done.

  3. Wildabrek wrote:

    Hello bertrand here is My test render..


    i hope you like ..waiting for your comments

  4. wildabrek wrote:

    I modeled a version of the chair and prepared the scene

    here is a test render,


    i hope you like it.

    please comment..i could not make the material ..

  5. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks, Wildabrek. Let me know how it goes.

  6. wildabrek wrote:

    Hello Bertrand,
    I am a fan of you.I like your lightings,materials and models :)
    I want to improve myself and always looking and studying on your images.
    I decided to make a scene of one of your works if you permit.i will try to make same scene with modelling and materials and lights from scratch.
    I can start with this http://bertrand-benoit.com/blog/2012/03/18/dubious-hommage/ac1/
    i will post you the result :)

  7. Dmytro wrote:

    White brick wall I mean.

  8. Dmytro wrote:

    Hi Bertrand,
    I am an architectural student from Vienna, actually I am doing a student competition project and I really impressed of your wall material, would you be so kind to sent me this material, or just a maps like diffuse, displacement etc.

    I would be very appreciate if you help me, thanks.

  9. dave davidson wrote:

    OMG that is bad mate. I havent seen some thing this bad in a few yrs, bless him

  10. Hi Bertrand,
    firstly, congrats to your redesigned webpage!!! Loving it!
    Its absolute nightmare whats happening today looks like people have lost respect and good manners.
    I am glad this has been resolved…maybe a goo time for you to move all your stuff to your webpage and sell from exclusively through PayPal :)))
    Best Regards

  11. Pixela wrote:

    I sadly read about this today. It is really hard to believe how some poeple are. It is hard to beleive how they can feel good stealing someone else work but also hard to believe how stupd they can be. You are the best arch-vis artist and everyone knows your great works! Anyone in the industry would notice his theft immedeately.
    Just 1-2 months ago’, similar thing happened to me. One guy took my renders and added to his portfolio and made a job application with my renders. And the owners of the company contacted me, asking me about him.
    I told them that this guy is totally fake and when they told this to him, he was so even so brave to say that he made those renders when he was working for me!!!
    Some people are only parasites.
    But you are the king of arch-vis.

  12. Daniel Hatton wrote:

    What always amazes me, being a victim of copying in the past is the shear effort that goes into it. If the idiots put as much effort into making their own originality they would do much better, and they clearly have the skills, just not the mentality maybe. Domestic, Social issues, or money problems drives them to it I suppose.

    At least it’s sorted now, Andrew, Peter, I mean Bertrand…. or is it Simon……

  13. Drew wrote:

    Hi again all,

    My apologies for the naming mixup, I got a bit confused by some of the moving parts of this issue.

    As some of you have noticed, we are currently working hard to resolve any issues and ensure all is well. I’ll continue to be in touch with those involved as necessary, I just wanted to stop by here and say thank you to everyone for the help. Thanks again!


  14. Johan wrote:

    Regarding your blog on Firefox/osx. It might have something to do with javascript in Firefox enabled or not. I have one computer running osx Lion and in firefox I have an addon that disables javascript. When I turn that off your blog looks like it should. Might be something completly different though, but for me this works.

  15. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks for pointing it out. Other people have alerted me to this. It’s tricky to tackle as I don’t have OSX… Any pointer welcome.

  16. RedFerret wrote:

    Hey Bertrand, sorry about that man.
    Hopefully it gets fixed everywhere asap.

    On a different note, your website does not work under OSX with firefox.


  17. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks a lot to the fans, then! I’m glad this was resolved.

  18. Izzet wrote:

    Something tells me your fans had to do something with its being resolved.

  19. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Looks like this has been resolved. Thank you 3DOcean!

  20. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    I would prefer to solve it in a friendlier manner. In any case, I think 3DOcean has more to lose (or gain) from a reputational point of view than I do… I’ve been contacted by support in the meantime, who’s requested all the information I had already sent them weeks ago. I’ve sent it again. Let’s see.

  21. …i would go for a lawyer cause of your copyrights… maybe u can earn maoney with that…
    + everyone in the professional arch-viz-industrie knows your style and your works

    theres only one bertrand benoit style…

  22. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks for dropping by Drew (though I’m not sure which Peter you have in mind exactly). I’m very much looking forward to this being solved.

  23. Drew wrote:

    Hi Peter and All,

    My name is Drew, and I work at Envato Support. Firstly, thank you for the heads up on this. We’ve got staff now looking into the details of this, and while I can’t get into specifics, we do take copyright issues very seriously and will take any action that is deemed necessary.

    Secondly, I apologize for any delay in the process. I know these kinds of issues can be very frustrating and you have my word we’ll do our best to fix any existing concerns.

    I’ve sent you an email Peter and we will continue to be in touch with you as we work out the details of this matter. I also invite you to contact me anytime, day or night, in the future should any further concerns arise. I’d be happy to help however possible.

    Thank you again for working with us and for letting us know about your concerns. Have a good one :-)


  24. Ushlak wrote:

    Bertrand, I didn’t fully read the article at first and just thought it was some sample renders to intro the new layout but now that I have, I must say 3Docean not taking down those images after your request is not acceptable – I hope you get this sorted out, I have had other people try to piggy-back on my work and although I try to be a relaxed person it is annoying. You do have to wonder what kind of person thinks this is ok to do :S

  25. atomicpro wrote:

    Amazing work, You’re very good

  26. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    No, they are still there. Including on 3DOcean’s front page. Some of my backgrounds have been removed as signature images, but they are still there in the guy’s photo gallery.

  27. Johan wrote:

    Update (3docean): From what I can see some of the products using your backgrounds have been removed either by 3docean or seller himself.

  28. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Yep. I don’t understand it either, especially since they’ve known about this for several weeks. I mean, I understand that the longer they keep him on, the longer they are making money on his sales, but I just don’t think it’s a sustainable strategy. It’s pretty risky too.

  29. Luk wrote:

    The king is always one, and the loser will always be a sucker.
    Completely do not understand the attitude of 3docean.
    bbb3 – is not it better was if you had set up his own shop.?
    I am a huge fan of your products are often bought and sold, just like every day I look here.
    greet and cheer up my friend!

  30. Ushlak wrote:

    Bertrand, I’m loving the new website layout. Oftentimes your amazing work was enough to bring me here but now the website is also looking more modern – nice work

  31. Johan wrote:

    I’m sure its only a matter of time until 3docean act on this. I suggest everyone reading this post send a friendly email to 3docean asking them to remove this seller.

    Its sad why someone would do this. I just dont get it. And personally as a lover of beautiful furniture, why would he choose to try to sell the most awful chair in the world. If you are a fraud atleast have some good taste.

    Bertrand, despite this I really hope you’ll continue to provide great material on your blog, as I love to read it.

  32. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    I’m not surprised the guy’s a fraud. It’s amazing that 3DOcean is not kicking him out. It’s a real incentive to do this kind of stuff.

    EDIT: Found that particular model. It seems highly plausible.

  33. kurantransfer wrote:

    the models i think belong to a turkish company called sandalyeci and avalaible from the cd that they are distributing to promote their stuff.I know this because i am modeling their new prduct line chairs. i will inform them as well.

  34. Wow, this is blatant! The second scene reveals even some obvious brushing down the center going left below the chairs. Those tub wires make it pretty obvious as well even if you didn’t know the source of the BG. Not cool. It’s no different then stealing a photographers work and presenting it as his own. Hope they shut him down.

  35. andraz wrote:

    this sucks, and he hase like 20 items in this scenes…

    btw nice makeower of blog, but on os x 1.6.8 and firefox doesnt work properly
    safari works ok

    keep up te good work

  36. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    What an artist! Keep them coming.

  37. Guillaume wrote:

    Especially if he can “sell” this basic model !

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