I’ve neglected the blog lately, I know. But now that I got a few things out of the way, including the redesign (I thought of renaming the blog “the new BBB3viz” but opted for the even more minimalistic option of retaining the original tag), I will be preparing some updates in the coming days.

In the making are some new, American-flavoured, assets (see sneak peek above) and a cg techniques session focused on materials creation, which should include some free goodies in it. As always, any input into what you would like to see on the site is much welcome. I haven’t made much progress on personal projects lately, but I have a few things on the backburner, which will see the light of day eventually.

Also, given the somewhat unexpected interest that the Chicago Loft has generated, I am considering releasing another full interior. Also very happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions about this.

And finally one piece of news that landed today. The furnished version of Chicago Loft has just received a Dope Award. Nice!

See you very soon.

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  1. BBB3VIZ says:

    Marco: Uploading the models onto TS is a time-consuming process so I’m afraid it is progressing slowly and I generally don’t bother with simple models. Having said that, if there is interest, I can see myself uploading more objects from the Tribeca scene.

  2. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Marco. I’m currently reviewing my relationship with TS for reasons I cannot disclose at this time. I’ll keep you posted when things are ripe.

  3. marco says:

    Tribeca Loft equipment products which appeared Making Of will be available on the TS? table lamps, glass, concrete column .. Really very nice models, I will visit your site.

  4. Andrea says:

    For the noise problem I have found a simple solution… instead of pumping up all parameters I render all the raw reflection refraction lighting etc from vray than look for the most noised one and tweake only 1 or two parameters that influnce that pass… the other parameters are leaved quite low and it work very well!!!
    no need for such high suddivisions but only some patience to find were the problem is!! 😉

    :) hope to be usefull and sorry for bad english!!

  5. Definitelly :)
    W use Lenovo Thinkstation whih has XEON hexes in it:) but they are closked at 2.4Ghz so no big deal….if you get yourself two machines built around Intel 2600K with crap graphics and just for the DR, youll be happy again :)
    I will send you a scene with the setup.
    256 in all subdisvs for mats is for a noiseless stuff
    you can go much lower than that…renders quite OK though.
    Just dorp me an email so i dont forget :)
    Best…..BTW that latest Canaan house rocks!!!!

  6. BBB3VIZ says:

    256? Wow! On all glossy subdivs too? Which automator do you use for this?

    My main machine has two Xeon quads in it, which used to be more than fine. I guess It’s time for an upgrade…

  7. Nah nothing new about the workflow…just quick refresh…
    DMC at 1to100
    BF set to 256
    LC as i find fit, sometimes with prefilter and retrace, especially when i use the lc for the glossies
    all subdivs at 256 but its wiser to use some sort of subdivs automator to try lowe settings…much much lower subdivs for the DOF though :))) i start with 8 there
    i control the quality through the ctrl threshold…
    its not that bad with the times….i really think you need to get a better machine :)
    PS: looking forward to your material tuts!!!

  8. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I could certainly consider writing more about post-production. The reason I haven’t so far was because I didn’t think I could pass on anything useful as I don’t have a very structured post-pro workflow – more ad-hoc and “let’s see what works for me today”. But there are definitely some core principles I tend to stick to. Rigging could be another one.
    Martin: I think I lost my battle with noise long ago. The solution will eventually be to pump up the settings any buy a bigger machine. Or are there any magic settings I’ve missed on the forum?
    As for the site, it’s still a work in progress, turning a screw here and there whenever I have a spare minute (favicon: done; title bar: done). All I can say is I’m glad I never chose to be a web designer.

  9. Nothing bad to say about the remake of the site. :)

    I’m looking forward to any tutorials of any kind, but in particular about material making. That seems to be your stronghold. :)

    I think if you’d like to making navigating at the site easier, you should distinguish between “normal” blog posts. And “tutorials/how-tos” and Freebies.

  10. nice one Bertrand!
    Happy to hear about all the planned stuff. Really looking forward to it :)
    I han see some noisy artifacts in the image…still fighting the noise issues? I am quite fine now with it now after putting together the settings from Chaos Forum..noiseless but a bit slow :))
    that top logo could use some more work :))))

  11. Andrey says:

    Bertrand, thank you for sharing your skills with us!

    It would be nice to have a tutorial of rigging interior objects from you (somth. like your Rigged Scantling Lamp).

    Staying tuned.

  12. manu says:

    Bertrand! You know, I actually wondered in the past whether you somehow disliked american mid century design. I guess not!

    I’m currently modeling my own library of assets, so a materials creation techniques entry on your blog would be lovely! It’s what you do best in my opinion (although, admittedly, that can be said about any aspect of your work).

    Blog looks nice, although it needs a title (Title Bar is currently blank)and a bookmark icon (favicon).

    Keep it up.

  13. izzet says:

    Seeing those pictures I most certainly hate myself. I am afraid your work has that side effect. Sometimes I ask myself “Why bother? Delegate the work to Bertrand and tell my boss it is mine.” The only thing keeps me from going through with it is deceiving myself one day I will be at that point.
    As per the mentioned input I already told you it would nice to see some raw renders. Another suggestion would be to change that logo of yours with something punchier. Not that I urge you to change it completely but as I said something punchier. Simple grey doesn’t comply with the site.

  14. Glauco says:

    Hello Bertrand, great job as always, I ask your advice on a scene I am creating for a competition where I can send you the JPG for you to see? See you soon Grimaldi Glauco bye bye :-)

  15. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Tristan,
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I was a bit sloppy there, but after all, it’s still a work in progress. Ha!
    Man you got some amazing-looking human models on your site! Thinking of adding some more?

  16. So kind of you to have some furniture intersect slightly with the floor otherwise I would almost not believe it was a render and nice to know you are actually a mere mortal 😉

    Amazing pic. Love the almost but not quite monochrome feel of the picture. If I had to make a comment the blurry object in the lower left corner, although filling that area nicely and makes the image look a bit more spontaneous also looks a bit weird and disconnected/hard to identify.

    Btw also bought your loft scene and your bed this week. Using the bed as I type. Great detail. As for the loft: man I really need a new computer here, that scene is heavy to render! Be sure to put more stuff on turbosquid, I’ll keep buying it!

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