Bear with me…

As some of you may have noticed, BBB3viz has just undergone a modest makeover. The idea was to make the blog a little easier to navigateĀ  and marginally easier on the eye, particularly for those of you using tablets.

Under the hood, I’ve had to update WordPress, PHP and MySQL, breaking a few things in the process, and I will be rebuilding these and reformating a few things in the next few days. I hope you bear with me in the meantime.

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  1. rini says:

    Hi. I have to say that I really appreciate your work in 3d. I wanna ask you if you went at any advanced 3d modelling course or just spending many hours experimenting things in 3d max. I have problems in modelling seams and I will like to know if it;s a way to learn it and many other details for organic furniture by tutorials or courses.

  2. BBB3VIZ says:

    Yes, I’ve been really swamped lately and perhaps chosing this time to update the site wasn’t the brightest of ideas.
    I’m working on a few things, both assets and resources, at the moment, so I should have an update up relatively soon. Thanks all for your patience.

  3. vadkorte says:

    every day I checked your site, i waited the news from you!!! :-)
    we are waiting the new lessons from you! :-)

  4. Glauco says:

    Quiet Bertrand are with you :-)! I look forward to seeing your new job :-). Bye ByeGlauco

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