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Before Octane became a household name in the GPU-rendering sphere, I was a beta tester on the project. And although one of my images briefly appeared on the splash screen of a very early version, I haven’t been very faithful to it since. This could change thanks to the release of Octane for 3ds Max, a quite well integrated version of the render, which removes the need to export geometry to Octane for rendering. We are not talking about the degree of integration of Vray, which supports nearly all functions of Max, but it is definitely as easy to use as Maxwell. And there is even a Vray Material Converter built into the plugin (which I haven’t tried as I like to build my mats from scratch).

Clearly, Octane is not going to replace Vray for me as long as we don’t see a massive increase in the amount of RAM on consumer graphic cards (I have 24GB in my Workstation and routinely max them in Vray). But I can see myself using it a lot more for small scenes or product viz, especially if Vray continues to grow slower and noisier, as has been the case for me with recent versions (though not everyone has noticed this so it may have to do with my setup or idiosyncratic workflow).

The images at the top are my entries for the latest Octane render competition. Those at the bottom are just details done for fun. These clear so fast it’s a joy, even on my very modest GTX 285. Hope you like them.

EDIT: Just found out these images had ended 2nd at the competition. Thanks refractive software!

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  3. Kriz says:

    Why should he use Arion when the work done with Octane is amazing? It doesn’t matter what software you use; software is just a tool, if you are a real 3D artist and you have great skills you can create mesmerizing images with any rendering engine for what I’m concerned ;)
    Well done BBB3viz! ;)

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  7. Lane says:

    Hi, Love your work, very inspirational to someone who is new like me.
    I am trying to decide on a renderer my self.
    This is totally off the subject but i was wondering if you could do a tutorial to show us how you make your books and/or magazines. i can’t find a good one.
    or maybe some of you here on the thread know of one. I would really really appreciate it.

    thank you-

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